Mysteries of the island of Palmyra

Mysteries of the island of PalmyraA photo from open sources

This atoll is located a thousand nautical miles from Hawaiian islands so loved by tourists. At first glance, the island looks like to a paradise in which, it seems, there is everything for a happy and carefree life and rest: wonderful climate, magnificent nature, wonderful beaches, azure sea …

What mysteries does Palmyra Island hide

But soon people realized that Palmyra was some kind of a mystical predator who himself has the consciousness of a killer, and indeed their henchmen in the form of terrible sharks, poisonous lizards, numerous keeps mosquitoes and so on just so as not to leave the person who got to the island has no chance to survive.

A photo from open sources

From the history of the island of Palmyra

It all started with the fact that back in 1798 on the reefs near this “Paradise island” the village of the American ship “Betsy”. On people, caught in the water, bloodthirsty sharks immediately attacked, as if waiting for this feast. Later, the survivors recalled that marine predators began to circle around the ship even before he crashed.

Ten lucky people nevertheless managed to swim to the shore. AND although a rescue ship soon sailed to the island, he picked up only three surviving Betsy crew members who told such horrors about this atoll that many did not even believe in them horror stories.

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The mysterious island was mapped and called Palmyra with 1802, when an American ship sank near it the name. For a long time, sailors could not solve puzzles Palmyra Islands, and for what reason ships near this, in general, a quiet place with favorable shipping coastal bottom. However, it crashed in 1816 near Palmyra the Spanish caravel of Esperanta clarified something. As described the wreck of the captain of the caravel, near the island all of a sudden a storm began, which carried their ship to the reefs. The crew of the Esperanta was picked up by a passing Brazilian ship, however the Spanish captain tried to map the coordinates of the reef so that in the future no one was broken into them. What was it like surprise, when after a year sailing in this place, he did not find no reefs. However, the stranger puzzles remained unsolved.

The mysterious disappearance of the crew of an American ship on the island Palmyra

In 1870, an American ship crashed near Palmyra “Angel.” It is true that no one knows what happened to him. The ship simply disappeared, and later the corpses of his crew were found on the island. Who or what killed people remains unknown, since no one ever lived on the atoll.

A photo from open sources

Our time has not clarified the mystery of the island of Palmyra

Since the beginning of the twentieth century, the island of Palmyra has officially become US ownership. When World War II began, the Americans placed a military garrison here. As he wrote in his memoirs one of the soldiers of this unit, Joe Brau, at first they thought that they were very lucky – not a place, but just a paradise. But the joy was premature. After a few days, all the soldiers causeless fear. I wanted, wrote Bry, as quickly as possible leave this creepy place, otherwise something will happen to you irreparable. Everyone became nervous and evil, between the soldiers every now and then there were fights that often ended in death outcomes. Yes, and suicides began to happen with terrifying periodicity.

One day, Joe recalls, they shot down an enemy plane, which fell on an island very close to them. But to find his soldiers and they couldn’t, although they searched the entire atoll. After the war, the garrison left mystical island, and he again became deserted.

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And in 1974, a married couple, Melanie, decided to visit him and Three Hughes who went here on their expensive yacht. maybe riddles of the island did not give them rest .. For three days they are on the radio they informed the dispatchers that they live in Palmyra and that everything is in order with them. Then the connection ceased. Rescuers who arrived here literally through a couple of days, found a very neatly dissected body of the spouses Hughes, with their remains buried at different ends of the atoll. At in this thing and all the jewels remained untouched.

A photo from open sources

The last trip to the mystical island in order to explore this mysterious island undertaken by traveler and explorer Norman Sanders, who in 1990 along with three of the same daredevils landed on the atoll, and this happened at night. By Norman said they immediately felt fear and impending trouble. Researchers on Palmyra lasted only a week, although planned to stay for two months. Within a couple of days they became a little whether to fight each other, and one of them even made an attempt suicide. At the same time, for some unknown reason, they somehow began to junk on-board devices, fail computers … In general, guys fled from this damned place on April 24, but when they arrived home, then it turned out that they had lost in some mysterious way the whole day. Well, at least they remained intact …

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At the end of the last century, American authorities began to post on uninhabited island of radioactive waste therefore wanting to visit this terrible corner of the planet today can be counted on the fingers. And the military themselves, who bring deadly waste here, sometimes mysterious eerie things about the island, for example, hordes bloodthirsty rats that bred on the atoll. True, the military in mostly keep quiet, since a long tongue in their business can turn into dismissal from service, or even worse …

Attempts to explain the mysteries of the mystical island

Palmyra Atoll is very similar to a living monster, so many researchers are inclined to consider it as such, that is, an island with with its powerful and destructive aura that lures and kills travelers.

A photo from open sources

But researcher Mershan Marine believes that on the island there is some mysterious, very evil creature that can control here not only weather, reefs and even sharks, poisonous reptiles, like other aggressive animals, but also affects on the minds of people, making them uncontrollable zombies.

Another version is a portal to another, very terrible world for us. It is from there that all evil spawns here, which somehow way can change our reality and kill people.

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