Mysterious abilities of people

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At first glance, these are the most ordinary people. But not really. Alone capable of voluntarily torturing themselves for months, others do not sleep for years, while managing to turn back the clock and rejuvenate, the third calmly enter the cage with snakes, the fourth they burn to the ground everything that gets in their way, and in fifths instead of tears precious stones fall from the eyes! Who are they and who endowed them mysterious abilities? Yogi from the Indian city of Bhopal Ravi Varanasi hanged 87 days on eight hooks hooked on skin of the back and legs. The hooks were suspended from a wooden bar. structures at a height of 1 m above the ground. During the Great Hang Varanasi talked with the public and ate food – albeit in a very moderate amounts. Three months later, Ravi as if in no way happened to unhook, got to his feet and began to do gymnastics. The doctor who has been watching him all this time has testified that the yogi is in great shape. Forever awake A resident of Minsk, Yakov Zeperovich, survived at the age of 26 clinical death. Since then, the young man began to happen Something strange. He completely stopped sleeping. Tried to take sleeping pills, but it did not work. It seemed to the man that time turned into one continuous day, which stretches endlessly. Moreover – he stopped aging! At 43, the man looked exactly the same as in 26, when he survived the “rebirth”. Fire Man In 1927, in the USA, to see Dr. L. Woodman came a black man named Underwood. According to patient, he was tormented by a strange ailment. The symptoms of this disease are he here He demonstrated to Aesculapius: he took an ordinary handkerchief and, pressing tightly to his mouth, he began to breathe through it. In a few seconds, the handkerchief ignited and burned in front of the amazed doctor to the ground. In the same way, Underwood set fire to dry leaves. Meticulous inspection completely excluded the possibility of fraud on his part. “Patient” complained that he had to restrain his breath: it was worth breathe air deeply and then exhale like being nearby objects lit up. Underwood was placed in a clinic on examination. But no explanation for the phenomenon of doctors found. Snake Lord Hindu Singh Abu became famous for it does not affect snake venom. As an employee in a terrarium, he once underwent a bite of a cobra. But, to his surprise, he noticed that the poison did no harm to his health – Singh did not even experience light burning. Then he deliberately forced the gyurza to bite himself. The same result! Soon Abu began to make a living in public performances. He entered the glass terrarium almost naked teeming with poisonous reptiles. Reptiles bit him for pleasure but Singh paid no attention to them, knowing that he possessed completely immune to snake venom. When the doctors took his blood for analysis, we discovered an interesting phenomenon – the poison is simply dissolved in it, turning into a nutrient component. Moreover – Singh Abu’s blood composition was significantly different from blood ordinary people, which led scientists into great confusion. Some even suggested that the “serpent lord” has an extraterrestrial origin. Be that as it may, but the strange properties of the body Abu remained a mystery to researchers. “Diamond” a North African woman named Hanuma by right earned the title of “diamond.” From early childhood Hanuma never cried. It first happened when she helped mothers peel onions. Parents literally speechless: from the eyes girls instead of tears poured hard crystals! Africans – superstitious people. Fearing that the devil took possession of Hanuma at first they kept this story a secret. Hanuma’s father, a jeweler by professions by examining crystals that have fallen from the eyes of a daughter, found that they are surprisingly transparent and very similar to diamonds. Then he began to cut them and make jewelry, which went to customers like hot cakes. Somehow one of the clients decided give a strange “pebble” for examination. It turned out that “diamond” of organic origin. So Hanuma scientists are interested. However, the secret of her hard tears is revealed and could not. Margarita Troitsyna


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