Mysterious Ala-Archa Gorge

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In the most central part of the Tien Shan Range in Kyrgyzstan there is mysterious gorge Ala Archa. If you say that people are here constantly encounter inexplicable phenomena, then do not say almost nothing, since this is the place of the Kyrgyz ridge, the height of the peaks which reaches almost five kilometers (peak Semenova-Tian-Shansky – 4875 meters) as if absorbed all the anomalies of our the planet.

UFO in the gorge Ala Archa

Firstly, this mysterious gorge, apparently, has long been chosen by aliens. For example, luminous balls of huge sizes are constantly seen near the Bachacekay ridge, above the peak Free Korea, near Aksai Gorge. In August 1991, these fantastic balls were observed by many witnesses, among whom were even journalists.

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Here’s how their professionals describe it. Five luminous objects spherical in shape slowly descended from the top of Teke-Top. It was it looks like they specifically demonstrated their presence, as they came close to people, and those besides this approach, more and more fell into a strange numbness. Then these luminous balls circled above the ground and suddenly disappeared at lightning speed into Aksai Gorge.

In the same year, four appeared in the sky near the Ala-Archa gorge. cigar-shaped UFOs, and they were just gigantic, about a kilometer in length each. From these ships aliens that were motionless in the air constantly flew small aircraft, which again are like something demonstrated to people. They circled near their “queens,” and then again flew into these huge interplanetary ships. Later cigar-shaped UFOs began to slowly move south until disappeared from the eyes.

Quite often, UFOs landed in the gorge, and again as if they were coming to the call of people. Once climbers saw a strange sky an object that was difficult to view due to the long distance before him. Someone from the climbers even complained about it, when suddenly a UFO, as if having heard such a wish of people, it flew swiftly toward them. Soon, the flying saucer literally hovered three meters above climbers who fell in the snow in fear. Lighting people pink ray, a UFO in a minute at the same tremendous speed flew away.

Aliens in the Ala-Archa gorge

In the gorge Ala-Archa, aliens themselves were also seen, for example, a group climbers in the amount of fifteen people in 1992 at the height four thousand meters collided with a humanoid in overalls silver color. The alien was more than three meters tall, he stood on the edge of the abyss and just watched people who froze first from the surprise of such a meeting, and then for some reason they just wild horror, why climbers rushed down the hill forgetting why and climbed the mountains.

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Only on the plain they came to their senses, and one of the climbers I even remembered that he had a camera with him, regretting about lost opportunity to remove an alien. Down to the climbers sobriety and thought returned, they armed with a movie camera and cameras, again began to rise to that ledge, where he stood an alien guest, but he was no longer there …

Yeti Gorges Ala Archa

But the Ala-Archa gorge was chosen not only by aliens, here more than once met and yeti. So, experienced climbers instructors Vladimir Poltavsky and Valery Nazarenko repeatedly encountered snow man on top of Teacher. Bigfoot himself got into the habit of coming to their house, which is located in the parking lot of Racek. And for some reason he loved carelessly strolling a few meters from the building without paying no attention to people.

Witnesses noted that the yeti were tall, heavy steps (stones crunched under his feet), however, he was very agile and fast, because sometimes without difficulty climbed onto the roof of the house, and easily, like a cat. And in this The yeti’s case seemed as light as air.

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Once a bigfoot appeared on a lifeguard paragraph, waking the on-duty Alexei Kalashnikov. Thats with surprise and horrified that the yeti calmly entered the house right through the locked Door. It was a huge humanoid creature under three meters growth. It stood in the middle of the room, watching Alexei, and then in the same way as if “leaked” through a closed door. Climber Alexey Lyakh also observed something similar. He woke up on the same PCB because someone crushed him on the bed. It was creepy a hairy creature that half popped straight out of the wall and pressed his elbow on the climber’s chest, examining it. Noticing that Alexey woke up and was simply numb with fear, yeti fantastic he climbed into the wall and disappeared. No wonder, then he wrote in his memories of these mysterious meetings Lyah that we cannot to catch and even really photograph a snowman. How can to catch a creature that has hypnosis can go through wall and become invisible.

Invisibility Gorge Ala Archa

And the fact that yetis could easily become invisible was noted by many climbers who have visited the Ala-Archa gorge. For example, people do not noticed around, and cats and dogs began to worry, the cat began to hiss, rearing fur, as if there was a clear threat nearby his life, and the dog, tail-tail, for some reason whined plaintively and huddled at the feet of climbers.

Once people watched this invisible man simply beat the cat, and he flew from corner to corner from the strikes. Invisible yeti could also move objects in the house, and with such incredible ease, say, the heaviest metal chest that seemed this creature also has the ability to control gravity.

A photo from open sources

Until now, researchers cannot understand why all these anomalies gathered in the Ala-Archa gorge, which attracts here aliens from other galaxies and yetis coming to this place clearly from a parallel world. Orthodox scholars write off everything on hallucinations that supposedly arise in the mountains due to oxygen fasting. However, why are these hallucinations so massive, and how do they can move objects and ruthlessly beat a poor cat, not to mention other strange and mysterious phenomena occurring in this gorge of fear …

Bigfoot Cats Dogs

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