Mysterious ancient found on Russky Island stove

A mysterious ancient plate was found on Russky IslandPhoto from open sources

About a week ago on the popular video hosting “YouTube” an unusual video appeared that shows a large stone flat plate with metal impregnations lying on the coast Russian islands in the Primorsky Territory. Where did the artifact come from in the bay Peter the Great (Sea of ​​Japan), cannot even determine yet domestic experts, not to mention ordinary inhabitants.

A photo from open sources

Victor Eremenkov, one of the authors of this amazing finds, writes that he does not believe in time travelers, aliens, teleportation and other supernatural phenomena, therefore hopes to find the appearance of an ancient slab rational explanation. Russian suggests iron oxide could for thousands of years seep through basalt inclusions in sedimentary rock, as a result of which this massif with metal inclusions. Anyway, found Victor and his comrades are very curious about the artifact.

A photo from open sources

Where did the stove come from?

Enthusiastic Researchers Discover the Stove while Traveling on the cape of Vyatlin in the bay of Bogdanovich. Eremenkov calls this an anomaly by its most unusual find. According to the man, smooth the two-layer stone slab seems to have iron interspersed. Of course, in its pure form, iron does not occur in nature – only in the form of compounds. If it were iron a bracket, a nail or a piece of reinforcement, then we could conclude that this is a man-made product. The presence of rust indicates the fact that the composition of inclusions definitely has iron, although metallic shine and missing.

A photo from open sources

At the same time, the stove itself is even more interesting. She has almost perfect flat surface and dimensions 220 to 380 by 30 centimeters. Besides Moreover, it is bilayer, and its lower layer is formed by volcanic tuff – igneous rock, consisting of compacted volcanic ash and other substances emitted by the volcano. Top the same part of the artifact is sedimentary rock a darkish hue. According to scientists, such breeds formed during the Devonian Paleozoic (about 400 million years back) and in the Permian-Triassic period of the extinction of the Mesozoic era (about 252 million years ago).

A photo from open sources

To understand better how long ago it was, you need to know that in dinosaurs were still absent from the Devonian period, and insects did not learned to fly. And who could have dropped here at that time? metal object that was subsequently bombarded with mountain deposits and sealed in stone? Only aliens or guests from of the future. Or then on Earth already existed more or less advanced civilization, traces of which scientists are still not have you found?

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