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Passenger traveling by plane from Spanish Malaga to English Bristol, made a mysterious photo during the flight, perplexing not only himself, but also numerous users The Internet. According to the anonymous author of the image, the image was received the other day from a Boeing 737 window. The photograph is clearly a direct antenna is visible, cutting through the clouds and towering its the top above them.

Of course, you might think that the airliner just took off or already set, and the clouds were extremely low above the ground, so their expectedly pierced by a high antenna of any television or weather stations. However, the photographer claims that the plane at this time flew over the ocean at an altitude of about ten kilometers! Obviously, such antennas do not stick out of any sea of ​​the planet just can’t. What is this then? Fragment of the Unidentified flying object? Some creature from two-dimensional parallel of the world? Or maybe just a crack in the porthole?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is unlikely will receive. It is believed that the American national space The agency constantly monitors the Earth and records all of its observation, and therefore it would not be difficult for him to see what it really was there. So NASA employees are already may know what a mysterious antenna is. And we are by you – no.

By the way, this is not the first time that the clouds on the same high altitude noticed something unusual. This January a passenger flying from Austrian Vienna to Irish Cork noticed from the window of the plane a tall humanoid figure, which is also like the current antenna, stood on the clouds and even threw them on them your shadow. The anomaly was visible to the eyewitness only two minutes, however the man managed to photograph her. This amazing shot presented below to compare it with a “cloud antenna”.

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