Mysterious attacks on Hong Kong taxis the clouds

Mysterious clouds attack Hong Kong taxisA photo from open sources

In social networks, the video on which a really strange case is captured: a taxi in Hong Kong suddenly a mysterious whitish cloud attacked.

It happened at about 9 o’clock in the evening, Hung Leung habitually rolled on his car along the road, and then something unexpected happened. A taxi was driving along the same highway ahead of him, and suddenly to the left of it auto there is a whitish flash, very similar to a small cloud. And this “cloud” literally knocks a taxi out of the way, after which the car flies to the side and crashes into a tree.

As Hung Leung says, if all this hadn’t got on camera the DVR of his car, in such a hell it would be difficult even believe it. Hung even stops from surprise a surprised voice can be heard on the recording.

A photo from open sources

Unfortunately, we do not have more information. Rather of all, the taxi driver wasn’t hurt because Leung limited himself that posted on the Internet only a fragment when a mysterious cloud attacks taxi. Apparently, then he just left when made sure that the taxi driver got out of the car unscathed.

The video has attracted many experts studying paranormal activity. But the recording aroused even more interest in Internet users who began to build all kinds of guesses.

If this is a ghost, some users write, then it behaves it is very unusual – in the form of a ball and so aggressive, something is not very much like a ghost. Maybe ball lightning, suggest second? There were those who thought it was some kind of energy entity from a parallel world or even a “hit” with side of aliens by car.

Obtaining the truth here is obviously impossible. But the movie itself interesting already because it convinces us: in our world can happen very unbelievable events that science simply does not explain can…

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