Mysterious ball of an American farmer’s family Betza

The Mysterious Ball of the American Farmer Betz FamilyPhoto from open sources

What interesting things can fall from the sky? Even a meteorite fragment or the detail of the plane is already a sensation. And if not a plane, but a UFO? Or generally incomprehensible alien contraption? .. It is so heavenly the gift can be considered the famous “Betse sphere”, so named for family names of the American farmer who found this mysterious ball.

How a strange metal ball was found

This happened in Florida, near the city of Jacksonville. At the end of March 1974, after the past forest fires, the family Betz, inspecting her land for damage, came across a polished metal ball weighing about 10 kilograms and measuring just over 20 centimeters in diameter. No damage it was not there, although there was a 3 mm triangular mark. It was surprising that the ball did not leave even a dent in the ground, and yet he there was nowhere to appear except to fall from heaven.

The farmer took the find with him, although he had no idea how this piece of iron can be used. However after two weeks his youngest son Wayne accidentally discovered that the ball found reacts to music. When the boy played the guitar, the sphere began vibrate like a tuning fork, and publish something similar to Ukulele sound.

The ball turned out to be “alive”

Soon Betts faced an even greater mystery: the sphere turned out to be “alive” because she knew how to ride around the rooms on her own, moreover, clearly consciously or under the influence of someone else, only her catching teams. The ball froze, then rolled again, turned in different directions – and never stumbled upon obstacles as if seen them.

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Moreover, his mobility was directly related to the weather: in on clear days, the ball rolled much more actively than on inclement, and constantly sought to the sunny side of the room. In the same time the fireplace or lamp did not attract him.

Betz family ball grows in popularity

Soon, the farmer realized that he had found something phenomenal, and therefore decided to share his find with scientists. For starters, he turned to the Jacksonville Journal, which hurried to send to photojournalist farm Lon Enger. This is how he described what he saw in his sensational article: the ball could be laid on the floor and push – he obediently rolled, but on his own he stopped, turned where he wanted, described arcs, returned to you – and never stumbled upon anything. He was as if alive …

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After Enger’s article on the mysterious “Betse realm”, all the country, dozens of reporters besieged the farm, then appeared ufologists, scientists and, finally, the military. Chris Berninger, Representative The US Navy, later recalled that the ball rolled on the floor the way he ordered.

Meanwhile, the activity of the mysterious sphere has increased: now it began to publish some kind of organ melodies in the house for no reason doors and windows began to open and close, and at any time day and night. Tired of all these wonders, the Betz family decided get rid of the mystical ball by passing it to the military, like those and requested.

Survey of a mysterious ball by the military

As soon as the sphere was in the hands of military experts, they are here did a thorough examination of the artifact and found that the ball made of an alloy close to stainless steel grade “431”. However, the ratio of the components in this alloy turned out to be unique, scientists simply did not find such an earthly analogue! Also their struck the maximum resistance of this “unearthly alloy” to any environmental influences.

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The sphere turned out to be hollow; two more balls were found (each a little over one centimeter in diameter), as if magnetized to the surface of a sphere. Ball not radiated radiation, that is, was safe. Nothing more to the military could not find out. True, they wanted to cut a mysterious sphere, but their owners, the Betz family, did not receive the consent of this. Farmer decided that his find might be some kind of alien device, and therefore demanded her back.

Scientists about the mysterious sphere of the Betz family

This was prompted by an advertisement in the newspaper “National” Enquirer “: the editors promised to pay 50 thousand dollars to anyone who proves the existence and alien origin of UFOs. In the end On April 1974, the Betse Sphere fell into the hands of the Commission on Prize awarding. Its members conducted many experiments with the ball, even determined that he can not only spontaneously ride, but also rise on an inclined plane, violating the law of gravity.

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Brand Arlington Geographic Society Researcher Sullivan has suggested that a mysterious sphere may be artifact left by a previous highly developed civilization. Her colleague Jay Brennan thought it was more like a probe sent to Earth by aliens to collect information. Another member of the commission, University of California professor James Harder produced some calculations and announced that the chemical elements of which made up of small balls, much heavier than any known to us. For example, the heaviest of earthly elements – uranium – according to periodic table, has atomic number 92, artificially humanity can create elements numbered 118, whereas inside the striking sphere contains an element with an atomic number 140.

Despite such sensational statements, Betts never received the promised prize …

The mysterious disappearance of the Betz family along with their fantastic a ball

A mysterious ball, supposedly of an alien origin, attracted the attention of scientists for several more years. He tried more than once open, however, the researchers each time something stopped. TO For example, James Harder in 1977 scared the scientific world with a statement about that attempting to drill or cut the Betz sphere could cause a chain atomic reaction, especially since, apparently, the ball still under the supervision of aliens.

The researchers seemed to agree with Harder, however, according to essentially only postponed the “anatomy” of the ball, looking for this suitable facilities and landfill. Their plans were not destined be fulfilled: at some point the Betts along with their fantastic sphere suddenly disappeared …

It could, of course, be assumed that this was the work of the special services. USA, however, they themselves made a lot of efforts in an attempt to find at least the traces of missing people – alas, in vain. Therefore, even ufologists and conspiracy theorists agreed that the area, like Betsev himself, was taken away aliens. No one has ever heard more about this family, but The “living” ball remained an unsolved mystery.

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