Mysterious black formed over Novosibirsk ring

A mysterious black ring has formed over NovosibirskA photo from open sources

Last Thursday, April 13, over Russian Novosibirsk a mysterious anomaly has formed.

Citizens notice a sinister black ring in the sky above the city, motionlessly hanging in the air. Novosibirsk began right there to photograph UFO and shoot it on video, spreading received materials on social networks. A heated discussion began there. mysterious phenomenon.

The ring formed over the shopping and entertainment complex “Siberian Mall”, so the exhaust from some factory pipe excluded. The author of the video below calls heaven circle “soliton”. According to him, this is hydrocarbon soot, which the wind sometimes collects in rings and lifts into the air.

Some regulars on the World Wide Web felt that this the phenomenon is a hoax, that is, the pictures and videos were mounted. Other Runet users remembered the recently thundered science fiction film “Arrival”, where similar black rings used by aliens to communicate with earthlings.

It is noteworthy that two years ago a similar anomaly was observed residents of the Kazakhstani village of Shortandy. Local physicist Andrey The malthouse then suggested the anthropogenic nature of the phenomenon and put forward the version that the source of the smoky circle is on the ground. And three months earlier the same black ring seen in the sky over the English Nottingham. It is noteworthy that before nobody saw anything like this in the world, or at least not fixed. They were silent about this and the media. Where in our time began do these ominous black “tags” appear? ..

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