Mysterious Black Mountain Australia – Kuku Nyungkal

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In our world, we note a lot of these mysterious places. Some of them are more or less studied, for example, Easter Island with its amazing stone idols, although not understood, others generally remain forbidden even to visit and research.

The latter is Australia’s black mountain called Kuku Nyungkal. Translated from the local dialect, it is “the place of the spear.” Why have a mountain with black stones (scientists have identified them as minerals rich in iron and manganese oxide, which gives them a dark shade) such a strange name, no one really knows. But because this natural formation is 4 kilometers long and about 300 meters tall, somehow frighteningly “stuck” among lush greenery Queensland National Park’s surrounding landscape remains one of Australia’s most amazing puzzles.

UFOs are often seen here, as if aliens have beneath this mountain. your base. Locals pass on legends from generation to generation about the spirits and demons living beneath this black mountain that go out out and take every random traveler to him. Out of the ground besides, frightening sounds are heard, obviously unnatural origin, although scientists are trying to explain them quite “ordinary” reasons: these, they say, hissing, ahs and sighs of regret caused simply by hot underground air currents.

Why local authorities forbid tourists to visit Kuku Nyungkal

But here’s the strange thing: Black Mountain is banned by local authorities for visits. No, no one here is afraid of revealing any military or scientific secrets, just on this mountain people often disappear without a trace. Moreover, as a rule, the latest cases of such disappearance are simply do not advertise: this is understandable, the authorities are afraid to admit their mistakes when the most desperate tourists on Kuku Nyungkal penetrate.

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But here you can hear the story-legend about the disappearance of the farmer Harry Owens, who went back in the last century to the black mountain in search of lost cattle, but never came back. They say that on Kuku Nyungkal was seen at that time. (man, of course, sought) mysterious creatures that are quite could be the cause of the loss of the farmer.

The most recent case of disappearance of tourists dates back to 2009 year. These were two brothers Mackerle (Danny and Ivan Mackerle), who managed to tell about the oddities of spending the night on Kuku Nyungkal. Them struck by terrifying silence (not a single sound of nocturnal insects), and in the morning of men the sound of breaking stones woke up, although, having run out of tents, they saw not a rockfall, but a mysterious black entity, here but slipped out of sight. Unfortunately, brave tourists do not stopped at this, continuing their overnight stays on a mysterious mountain. AND… disappeared without a trace. This was the last straw of patience, after which authorities simply prohibited visiting Kuku Nyungkal.

True, from this the black mountain of Australia has not become less mysterious. Watch another documentary about her secrets – and you see for yourself …

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