Mysterious bonfire of the Tyzyl gorge

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This story is told by a local historian from the city of Nalchik. V.N.Kotlyarov. With an extraordinary literary talent, Victor Nikolaevich on his Facebook page is so stunning a simple layman with a lively language and fantastic beauty narration that his stories are hardly even believed.

Moreover, meetings with unusual and mysterious phenomena in there are so many of this resident of Kabardino-Balkaria that, again, doubt arises. It turns out: or this region literally abounds paranormalism, or Kotlyarov just comes up with all this, because (remember your life) how often do you come across ghosts, yeti, aliens, immigrants from other worlds and so Further? Not often, or rather, almost never, but here …

But let’s get acquainted with another meeting with the unknown this amazing local historian. But … to land you a little, his eloquent narrative of that event will simply be retold more simple and understandable language. But be sure to specify that V.N.Kotlyarov is considered a sober person, not a dreamer, and even more so – not a storyteller, able to come up with something for the sake of red words or attention to yourself. He is simply indefatigable explorer of his land. Probably for this reason and lucky on all kinds of miracles.

Tyzyl Gorge and its secrets

… This happened at the end of the last century, when the crisis that swept all of Russia, touched and Kabardino-Balkaria, and therefore stopped here numerous excursions of the Soviet era, many were closed enterprises depopulated villages.

Tyzyl Gorge is a dead end, that is, you can only get there through the village of Köndelen, where tourists have not been seen for a long time. True and the locals themselves did not often visit these wildernesses. And then … in the area of ​​a small worker long abandoned in this gorge settlements of Solnechny, once created by miners, began to notice bonfire at night.

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Who could breed him if on the road to the gorge without attention locals, as they say, the mouse will not slip, but another way not there. Is it only through the air on inaudible wings or with using mythical levitation …

Viktor Nikolayevich, interested in this miracle (mysterious bonfires by then, local residents have seen for several years), decided to get to the bottom of the truth: who makes a fire, why and why at night? However, he could not find a guide (local the inhabitants were busy, namely at that time appeared in the gorge bonfire), one to go to such a remote place and certainly with spending the night is a risky and almost hopeless business.

Meeting with the unknown

Suddenly Kotlyarov meets a native of these places Ishaq, whom he knew at the university. Ishaq from early childhood shepherd in the Tyzyl gorge, that is, he knew these places quite well, the story of the mysterious bonfire also interested him. And so two college friends went to the gorge to unravel this secret. Or at least see for yourself that some mysterious bonfires really burn there at night.

They reached the abandoned village of Solnechny in the evening, they pitched a tent near one of the dilapidated houses, and here understood – nothing can be seen from here. And already in the thickening darkness began to climb the nearest hill. The rise was not high, but dense grass interfered with loose soil underfoot and covered travelers darkness – one star canopy overhead.

When the researchers were exhausted and decided to return down to the tent, they suddenly … saw the ill-fated bonfire. Before him was far enough, but Kotlyarov had binoculars. And when he brought his eyes, then in surprise even cried out: near the fire in a clearing some people were dancing, holding hands. And they were spinning around the flame rhythmically, clearly to the singing or music. But in the night remained quiet, apart from the talkative river below, to which, judging in all, it was much further than before the mythical bonfire.

He admired binoculars at the dancers and Ishaq, after which he said: them there are at least a dozen and a half and this … not people. To both researchers felt uneasy, especially when Ishaq also added: if only they they didn’t see us, or rather, they didn’t feel us …

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Men in a hurry went down to the tent, where they calmed down only to in the morning. However, with the very first rays of the sun, the researchers rose and set off in search of a mysterious bonfire. First they again climbed the hill and examined with binoculars that night clearing – nothing. I had to go down to her. But, to their surprise, on the clearing was not only a bonfire, but even traces of stay people – not a single crushed blade of grass. At first the men thought that they may have mixed up the clearing, however … there weren’t suitable for this site – some steep cliffs.

But what then was here at night? Hallucination immediately in that and another? We also note that not only they see this bonfire in the gorge, and for several years now …

As Viktor Nikolaevich writes, a rational explanation they didn’t find what happened with Ishaq, but to believe in some hell didn’t want to. So the mystery remained a mystery …

Some Internet users, having become acquainted with this Kotlyarov’s story suggested that in the gorge at that time there was some kind of breakthrough in parallel reality, where near bonfires danced, for example, the natives of another world, performing some kind of ritual actions only led by him. Perhaps if men gathered courage and went down to the fire, bonfire and dancing beside him they would simply melt before their eyes. And maybe not them themselves, no one would have seen or heard this story. You never know how many people in the world disappear without a trace …

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