Mysterious Captured Over Baseball Stadium “flyers”

Mysterious Captured Over a Baseball StadiumA photo from open sources

A baseball game between the teams took place in the USA on August 5 Kansas City Royals and Minnesota Twins. Sensational across the country a sporting event took place in the evening, and many viewers who watched a game at home on TV, unexpectedly noticed something on the screens inexplicable. By turning on the video below, you can see how mysterious scurry around the stadium luminous objects, each of which was left whitish plume.

Inexplicable points change their flight paths in flight, like living things. “Flyers”, as they were immediately called paranormal researchers, drawing closer together and again fly apart, and also make synchronous movements. Skeptics, of course, argue that we are talking about insects before camera or birds away from her, however experts in the field the supernatural strongly disagree with such materialistic theories, clearly far-fetched.

Many World Wide Web users are speculating that before us are ghosts, angels, energy entities from parallel measurement (the so-called “flying rods”, of which especially a lot, for example, in the Mexican Cave of swallows, although there are noticed around the world) or even objects of an alien origin. Meanwhile, American ufologists note that similar anomalies are periodically noticed in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and also North and South Dakota since the 80s of the last century. Alas, the nature of the mysterious phenomenon still remains unsolved.

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