Mysterious Cases Observed in Massachusetts amnesia

Mysterious cases of amnesia observed in MassachusettsA photo from open sources

In the state of massachusetts doctors are trying to determine why do patients fall ill with this type of memory impairment, like anterograde amnesia. This type of amnesia is characterized by that the patient forgets only those events that are already occurring after the onset of the disease.

Over the past four years, local doctors have made this diagnosis. fourteen compatriots, which is a record for United States indicator. Nine patients admitted to hospitals unconscious and experienced memory lapses after awakening there. The other five people began to suffer from anterograde amnesia still at home and were taken to hospitals relatives.

Scanning of the brains of patients showed that each of them there were disturbances in blood flow in the hippocampus – the area of ​​the head brain in charge of memory. However, the causes of such violations are still not found by experts. Doctors say that related impaired blood flow acute memory loss is extremely rare and why in massachusetts in recent years is this condition Fourteen people showed up right away – a real mystery.

All patients are connected by the fact that they are relatively young (their age ranges from nineteen to fifty two years), not abuse alcohol, hallucinogens or drugs. A medical investigation is ongoing as the riddle remains unsolvable …

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