Mysterious circle on the field of France and discussion in Internet for the occasion

A mysterious circle on the field of France and discussion on the Internet on this occasionA photo from open sources

We’ve already gotten used to crop circles mostly appearing in England. They have become something like a business card of the Misty Albion. Although such crop patterns are, of course, seen in many parts of the world. Another thing is that the British are like them attract.

And on June 11 of this year, the same mysterious circle appeared on field in France, in the Grand Est area, just between Görlingen and Sarraltroff. Nothing unusual, since to the arts on even ufologists are accustomed to the fields, considering them “tricks” of aliens, and therefore with the advent of the next such “trick” is no longer blowing like some kind of sensation. Everything as usual…

Probably, we would not pay attention to this fact, more so that in recent publications on crop pictures even tried to give them some explanation through the parapsychologist and psychic writer S.N. Lazarev. However, it seemed to us very interesting comments on this information that we have collected from some sites where this news flashed.

So, we read, we are surprised, agree or, on the contrary, protest against the opinion of some Internet users:

interesting crop circles really unearthly origin, signs giving us some information, encrypted code, or is it the tricks of some artists? I want to, of course, to believe in an alien miracle;

“draw” such a night in the dark – unrealistic with our technology. This needs to be done using some kind of emitter, directing it from above, and who will be able to work with this beam so filigree? Again, no one ever sees these “artists”, does not notice either on the ground or in the air. From the air today you can allow drones to work, nothing more, but … crop circles appeared even when drones and even more so some there were no surprising emitters at all? For example, in Middle Ages;

and why there are no such circles in Russia? I’ve never heard, so that in our country this happens;

crop circles appeared in Russia, however, much less than anywhere else, not to mention England. But maybe just in This is what you need to look for a clue? Why night artists chose It is England for its work. Do they have more crops? suitable as canvases for such paintings;

in Britain just by drawing crop circles some entrepreneurial guys were involved in the last century, it seems Bauer and Chorley, who have earned this fame. British scientists then immediately trumpeted the whole world that the secret of crop circles unraveled. However, ufologists have not left a stone unturned by this approval. Conspirologists in turn accused special services UK is that these guys and their confessions were ordered, in order to reassure the public, which has already seriously begun to believe in aliens;

there is still such an opinion: remember it expressed on the 27th conferences on paranormal in Glastonbury a certain Roland Bedzhon, who assured that his team can draw any drawing on a sown field with the power of thought;

the current drawing on the field of France as if informs us of change of planets in places, some kind of castling. In general, so I had enough knowledge and imagination. But in principle, you can interpret such drawings in different ways, whoever wants to. Does it have a drawing any meaning at all? It feels like those who paint it all just amuse – laugh at earthlings;

I propose to see the video on which the moment the picture was created on the field. These are some wandering lights, obviously energy entities, but certainly not aliens, as we want suggest ufologists. True, these lights do not explain anything – only add fog …

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