Mysterious circles in the sky puzzled latvians

Mysterious circles in the sky puzzled the LatviansPhoto from open sources

The other day, residents of several Latvian cities at once unexpectedly witnessed a very mysterious phenomenon. In the sky suddenly strange white rings appeared, either like clouds or on condensation traces. However, it is logical to assume that nature could not create such smooth symmetrical forms. it made conspiracy theorists suspect clandestine interference government or even representatives of extraterrestrial civilization.

Many Latvians were extremely puzzled and even scared opened sight to them. Surprised eyewitnesses began take pictures of mysterious celestial anomalies and lay out received pictures on social networks. Other resource users tried to unravel the nature of these amazing white circles. IN the Latvian segment of the Internet, whole discussions flared up, dedicated to this miracle.

A photo from open sources

Plausible to veritable versions fantastic:

  • some commentators believe that all the blame “flying saucers” aliens;
  • according to others, we have the so-called chemotracks, used by the “secret occupation government” for spraying hazardous chemicals;
  • if you believe the third, we are talking about such a mysterious and practically unexplored phenomenon, like reasonable clouds. Sometimes clouds behave very unusual, as if they have consciousness, and if this is true, then higher order consciousness;
  • fourths are sure it’s just freaky natural phenomenon. Yes, incomprehensible and inexplicable so far, but is all our science can explain? For example, for her, a certain mystery remains even lightning accustomed to us;
  • finally, there were burnt pragmatists who decided that circles were left in the sky by NATO aircraft that had recently flown in here supposedly for training, but actually – with the aim of confronting Of Russia.

NATO Russia

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