Mysterious Cloud Over Taipei Skyscraper

The mysterious cloud over the skyscraper of TaipeiPhotos from open sources of

We suggest you look at some pretty interesting photos, which made in the capital of Taiwan Taipei a resident of this metropolis and world famous ufologist Scott Waring.

In the Taiwanese capital there is a skyscraper of the same name with a height of half a kilometer, which in its unusual form resembles a mighty a stalk of bamboo.

A photo from open sources

There was a time when Taipei 101 was considered the tallest building in world, but subsequently this record was repeatedly broken. Not less, this high-rise building makes you attract attention tourists still, however, as well as even local residents. TO for example, Scott that morning just admired the skyscraper from his window apartments and even for some reason decided to take it on a camera.

A photo from open sources

Surprisingly, just at this time over Taipei 101 appears strange cloud resembling in shape a fighter from epic “Star Wars”. What was it really the ufologist did not understand, but he was struck not only by a strange form clouds, but also the fact that this mysterious formation appeared in the sky almost instantly.

A photo from open sources

And while Scott was rebuilding his smartphone to shoot the video, the cloud also instantly disappeared.

It didn’t melt in the sky, says Waring, it didn’t blur, as is usually the case with clouds, namely – it disappeared, as if it who “turned off” or moved to another space.

For this reason, a Taiwanese ufologist has suggested that the cloud was camouflage, behind which a UFO was hiding – some kind of ship aliens. Then he began to talk about the reasons for the appearance of UFOs. the capital of Taiwan, to build various conjectures, down to the connection of this case with the Chinese coronavirus, even somehow made conclusion that aliens are not as smart as we think of them, but traditionally did not go further than this.

A photo from open sources

And here are Internet users (at least some of them) felt that the strange cloud over Taipei 101 might not be only a UFO, but also after the work of the Blue Ray project, somehow heavenly message from higher powers and just intelligent cloud education.

What do you think it is? We only note that Scott Waring not seen in the distribution of fakes. Another thing is that its often “enters” in assumptions and searches for paranormal phenomena, where they no, and sometimes it just can’t be …

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