Mysterious cloud photographed in the North Caucasus

A mysterious cloud photographed in the North CaucasusA photo from open sources

Domestic photographer was lucky to capture the picture inexplicable cloud over the magmatic mountain Mashuk in central parts of the Pyatigorsk. Mysterious white steam looks like in the night sky a kind of flat shroud that enveloped the top of the mountain. It is possible that the photo turned out so bewitching also because over Mashuk at this time the full moon shone, whose bright radiance reflected directly on the cloud.

Many Runet users were amazed at the beauty of this amazing frame. However, no one has yet determined the nature of this anomaly. Not one of the known types of clouds she do not like. Maybe this is not a cloud at all, but something completely different, for example, some intelligent etheric creature?

Some commentators on Russian social networks suggest that we are talking about tricks of aliens or even real mysticism. There were also regulars on the Web who decided that the Russian government is testing in the North Caucasus top-secret climate weapon.

However, there are Internet users who claim that such “anomalies” are constantly observing from their windows. Here just why these skeptics don’t mention where they are happening, nor, especially, why they are not fascinated by such a fantastic beauty? Are they so indifferent to her that they can’t take pictures of amazing pictures of our being? If it is true, then this is another anomaly, and even more inexplicable than that presented by the author of this image …

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