Mysterious crop circles in Spain – for now exotic

Mysterious crop circles in Spain - exotic so farA photo from open sources About mysterious circles written articles, books, many documentaries have already been shot. Most often so strange signs appear for some reason in the UK, so “pleasing” local farmers that they have been trying for a long time about them no one to report is more expensive for yourself.

Less commonly, such circles are found in other countries, for example, recently, such “space drawings” someone left in the fields Republic of Adygea (Russian Federation), and June 25 mysterious circles on a wheat field (see photo) appeared in Spain, and specifically in Tierra Estella.

For Spain – all this is still a kind of exotic, so on Fields with fantastic drawings were invited by scientists, Journalists, ufologists, curious tourists have also been here. Handwriting all the same – someone is an invisible and very mysterious tool left these huge circles at night, without disturbing anyone and in no way himself not detecting. Moreover, the wheat itself was so “squashed” so much. filigree and somehow unnaturally the same as in a bully it’s hard to believe the action of some young men.

However, UFOs at this time were neither over the fields, nor even nearby of the Spaniards did not see. But do we only see everything flying alien machines? Would it not be faithful to suppose that we see in mostly just what we are shown (allowed to see)? ..

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