Mysterious dark sphere flying against the background the sun

A mysterious dark sphere flew against the background of the sunPhoto from open sources

Colorado resident records late last months of video using a special filter that allows high-quality shoot the sun when suddenly noticed in the lens there’s something strange about my camera.

An incomprehensible dark sphere swiftly swam across the sky against the background luminaries. Having estimated the distance from the detected object to the ground, an experienced operator was surprised to conclude that a spherical UFO should It was huge in the tens of kilometers.

According to the author of the video below, mysterious the object definitely could not be a bird, an airplane, a weather balloon or even a satellite in Earth orbit. Perplexed american sent the received frames to ufologists, and soon the material scattered across numerous inexplicable and emerging web resources beyond ordinary phenomena. World Wide Web users, like one would have expected, began to argue intensely about the nature of this unidentified flying object.

Some commentators believe that the operator captured aircraft of representatives of extraterrestrial civilization. According to others, we have a secret orbital station created by a shadow world government. If you believe the third, then we are talking about the legendary planet Nibiru or some other amazing astronomical object. Fourth speak of a colossal clot energy emitted by our star. Fifths do as if it could be some kind of flying creature.

Be that as it may, no one, including the burnt skeptics and reputable conspiracy theorists, so far and could not with one hundred percent accurately explain this intriguing phenomenon. Watch sensational record yourself and draw your own conclusions.

The sun

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