Mysterious death during sleep

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It must be assumed that mysterious deaths in a dream were at all times, yes so, apparently, will remain unsolved. Paradoxically, science became interested in them only in the nineties of the last century, and until still failed to give at least some more or less rational explanations for this phenomenon.

Mysterious deaths in a dream of Russians

Researchers of the whole paranormal from a public association Cosmopoisk at the end of the last century studied several such deaths. and gave this strange phenomenon even a name – “Freddy’s syndrome Kruger, “apparently in honor of the most famous character in the world American horror movies.

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But the guys from “Cosmopoisk” were not even able to get close to unraveling this mystery. They only stated that people who subsequently died mysteriously in a dream, remaining for doctors are completely healthy, before that they slept badly, relatives heard how they screamed heart-rendingly, called for help or cursed villains who dreamed of them. And then … suddenly they didn’t wake up. And on the faces of the deceased thus retained a mask of horror, as if they at the time of death they saw and experienced something incredibly terrible …

Mysterious death in a dream of US residents

Something similar was described by the media of the United States of America – too somewhere in the late nineties of the last century. For example, newspaper The Los Angeles Times told its readers about several cases when people died in a dream for no reason. Among the victims the invisible killers were three children from four to eleven years old, a young girl and even a seventy year old man.

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In just a few years, the publisher published information about eighty-odd similar cases. For all of them was characteristic one and the same thing: people were afraid to sleep, in a dream they screamed and called for help, why the relatives had to wake them up. But at some point such help did not arrive in time, and then the person, just screaming in a dream of horror, was found dead. And no signs of violent death or illness (even mental) the doctors didn’t find the victims. Everything happened as in the series horror films with Freddy Krueger, that’s just, as we said, this mysterious killer did not leave any traces …

The best scientists of the USA were connected to the solution of this riddle, prominent psychics, but this task wasn’t for the Americans either forces. However, there is a version that both in Russia and in America research in this area was abruptly suspended by force decision. Why – no one knows …

Are there any explanations for mysterious deaths in a dream?

Some clue in terms of explaining mysterious deaths in a dream can be found in the teaching of transerfing by Vadim Zeland, who interprets dream as a journey of the consciousness and soul of man unrealized versions of the universe, which are countless a bunch of. Some of these “options” are quite tangible (almost implemented), and therefore it’s easy for a person to get stuck and stay there forever and ever. And that world can be just awful. Quite it’s possible that some people fall into such a realized sector, and for some reason stuck in that terrible parallel world. But the question remains unclear: why? However, if to ask similar questions, you can still ask, for example, why are some people born rich and happy and others poor and sick, or even simply crippled, why alone die from extruded pimple on the face, while others fall into the worst accidents and get out of them without a single scratch? And such “why” a great many, and most likely we will not be able to answer them never…

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By the way, Vadim Zeland writes that most often in “implemented sector “stuck people prone to lucid dreams, because our consciousness, unlike the soul, which leads us along to these countless versions of the universe, looking for something like ours the world and … easily finds, and then no longer knows how to get out of there. This is why the founder of the teaching of Transerfing warns that passion for lucid dreams is very dangerous – you can one day just don’t wake up …

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