Mysterious death of a priest near Moscow

The mysterious death of a priest near MoscowPhotos from open sources of

The terrible, simply mystical death of the Moscow Region father in his time puzzled not only law enforcement officers, but also his colleagues – church ministers, not to mention parishioners. And this started the story is ridiculous and even somewhat comical. Comically by at least for police officers.

In the winter of 1995, in the only police station of one a small town near Moscow (its name upon request participants in this case we do not name) granted unusual visitor. The priest from the local church, which was located on outskirts, came in the evening to law enforcement authorities to complain about threats regularly addressed to him. A man brought with him a heap of scraps of paper scribbled by jagged printed letters. As the attendant later said, they were written with a lot of mistakes, which many in the area laughed at.

Incomprehensible threats and devilry in the father’s apartment

But the priest was not laughing. According to him, he regularly found these messages in his inbox: first every 3 days, and after already daily. When threats become more frequent, Russian He considered it necessary to go write a statement to the police. Guardians of the Law asked if he wants to add anything, and father hesitated, and then betrayed that he had recently begun to hear at night weird spanking in his apartment. Like someone stomping barefoot feet on the linoleum in the kitchen and hallway, and stomping very loudly. When asked if he checked the source of the mysterious sound, the priest replied that he did not find courage in himself for this. Any the time when this devilry began in the dwelling, he locked himself in his bedroom and prayed.

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The father was pretty scared and feared that he would be mistaken for crazy. The attendant probably thought so, but did not lead with an eyebrow and accepted the statement. True, nobody understands this story. at first I didn’t – you think, some children throw a man comic notes with threats. And the stomp in the apartment where the priest lived alone, and at all looked like crazy nonsense. In a word, police officers postponed this statement because in the dashing 90s for years, law enforcement officers already had a lot to do.

The mysterious death of a priest

Less than two weeks passed, and the investigation team went to a call to a suburban forest, where a body was discovered in a clearing. It belonged, as it turned out later, not to anyone, but to the same father. The muscles on the arms and legs of the deceased were absent, on the body there were cadaveric spots, it managed to decay significantly. Identified priest only on the pectoral cross (there were no clothes on the deceased), as well as a beard and long hair. Forensic experts concluded that death occurred about 9 days before the discovery of the remains. it meant that the body lay for some time somewhere warm, and then it was thrown out into the cold.

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The pensioner who called the police said that he walked daily in in this forest with a dog, and he only discovered a half-decomposed dead man that morning.

It’s amazing that there were many tracks around the body, reminiscent of … large human palms. From the nearest road passing near the forest, there was a chain of the same prints, moreover, which is very strange, in the snowdrifts, parallel to the path. Signs of that the corpse was dragged here, was not found.

Surveys of residents of nearby houses and the watchman of a garage cooperative nearby did not clarify anything. But the aforementioned pensioner reported that he had repeatedly found corpses in this clearing dogs, cats, birds and rats. Old man every time buried them on their own. He was sure that there Satanists arranging such sacrifices at night. TO Unfortunately, the law enforcement officers did not have any other clues.

Inexplicable prints on the floor in the father’s apartment

We decided to take a closer look at the threat notes. In each absolutely illiterate written message was, in fact, one and those same threats:

Renounce the faith, or you will die. Take off the cross, otherwise feed yourself hungry. Once again appear in the church – you will tortured.

And so on. Handwriting examination was in such The situation is useless, and fingerprinting did not reveal anything.

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Let’s go to the father’s apartment. The front door was closed at key. There was no blood or signs of struggle inside. All values ​​are like Ancient icons and crosses were in place. Not very enthusiastic examined the surface of the walls and floor. And here are the specialists really surprised. On the floor in the hallway and kitchen were sharp prints of the same huge palms with long fingers. You would think that they belong to some blacksmith or Hammerman. It was then that the investigators remembered the words of the priest that someone stomps at night in his home.

The version that this someone entered the apartment through a closed door and walked there on one hand, it looked too fantastic and similar to the plot from a horror movie, therefore they did not consider it seriously. Although an elderly former investigator, thanks to which this story appeared on the World Wide Web, until still suspects that some mystical strength.

The fingerprint of these palms in the database is how easy guess not found.

The terrible death of a priest near Moscow remained mystical mystery

An autopsy in the meantime showed that the muscles from the legs and arms of the father were removed with surgical precision and not eaten by animals like assumed earlier. No other signs of interference on the body not found. What caused the death of a man, a medical examiner never I could determine.

They began to interrogate the parish. It turned out that the priest did not appear in my church after the day I went to the police. Tenants the entrance told law enforcement officers that the man’s home seems to be in that evening did not come. One neighbor tried to reach him, however, they did not open it. No one heard suspicious sounds Unknown visitors were not seen in the house either. A real dead end for the consequences.

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Desperate, law enforcement officers decided to build on those fingerprints and began to check the disabled, which after There were many Afghan and Chechen wars in Russia. Eventually We went through the whole city, but there were no matches. Although on any progress law enforcement honestly already did not count. So this business has remained unsolved to this day. TO fortunately, there were no other similar victims. At least the police are about such or similar murders does not know anything …

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