Mysterious disappearance of lighthouse keepers Eileen More

The mysterious disappearance of the guardians of the lighthouse Eileen-MorPhoto from open sources

Do you know the story of the mysterious disappearance of three caretakers of the Eileen More lighthouse, which occurred on the night of December 14-15 1900 year? The most amazing thing is that the mysterious case remains mystery still.

>Маяк Эйлин-Мор находится на одноименном острове — самомmajor of the Flannan archipelago (UK), which is located in Atlantic ocean. Captain of the ship was first to notice “Archer” passing by: well knowing the local places, he noted that the lighthouse was not turned on after dark. About this captain here He also informed the coast guard.

That fateful night, a brigade from three experienced professionals who are well aware of what to do in the most difficult situation. These were the first assistant ranger Thomas Marshall, second assistant James Ducat and assistant Donald MacArthur. A week remained until the end of the monthly shift. how claimed chief ranger Joseph Moore, all three specialists arrived at the lighthouse in good health and cheerful mood. So way, the possibility that three men were simultaneously struck some kind of infection or illness was unlikely.

Chief ranger investigation

Assuming Eileen Mor just broke down, management shipping sent there the main lighthouse keeper Joseph Moore. Due to adverse weather conditions, he arrived at the place only on the evening of December 26 on the Hesperus ship, which served lighthouse.

… Eileen Mohr’s lights did not burn in the dark, and no one went out berth to meet the chief caretaker. Lighthouse door he found tightly closed, no one responded to his cries, which is why Moru became uncomfortable. In the room, which served as a kitchen, stood covered for dinner. the table, as if the team was about to start the meal. The only thing, what caught my eye was an overturned chair, as if someone was in a hurry ran out of the table. The chief superintendent also found that missing two waterproof jackets and two pairs of rubber boot.

While studying the logbook, Moore discovered strange entries. One of it was recorded by the lighthouse watchers that on December 12-15 inclement weather, gusty strong wind was observed. Not less, coastal weather services announced a storm warning only December 16, besides – only in the evening.

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An operation to search for the disappeared brigade was organized, however even traces of the rangers could not be found. In summary, Joseph Moore on stayed a whole month at the lighthouse to do all the work alone for his maintenance.

When he returned from this emergency watch, it was difficult discover. Moore was somewhat uncomfortable, he claimed to have often heard voices of Marshall, Ducat and MacArthur, but, worst of all, he constantly felt some mystical tension and depression. More than once, Moore had thoughts of suicide, because the situation at the lighthouse was so depressing that it took all vitality. Having handed over the watch, Joseph never again visited damned lighthouse, asking to transfer it to another place of work.

Other investigations into the case of disappeared caretakers lighthouse

In investigating this extremely unusual incident, the police suggested the following: people were going to have dinner when they suddenly heard there is some noise outside. Two rangers taking waterproof boots jackets and necessary tools, hastened from the kitchen, in order to strengthen weak points in fences. After a while, the third heard them screams and, dumping a chair, rushed to the aid, however, obviously, soon was hit by a wave and died after his comrades.

It would seem that this version is quite plausible, because, judging by records in the Eileen Mohr logbook, the weather was inclement. However, the coast guard logbooks contain completely different information regarding weather conditions at that time. Yes, and myself the chief ranger claimed that it was not the weather, but in the energy sector of this place. Eileen More suppresses the psyche person, takes away his desire to live. In such an emotional able to do anything.

A photo from open sources

There is another version. According to her, on the island where he was a lighthouse was set, some mystical power originally inhabited, not wishing to endure uninvited guests and deciding from them get rid of.

One of the researchers of this mysterious case, K. Miller, scrupulously studying the documents on this topic, found that never before have the islands of the Flannan archipelago been inhabited. Shepherds often moved here, transporting cattle from one islands to another, but they never stayed here for the night. This was especially true of Eileen Mohr. Legend has it that on the island some evil creatures (possibly elves) dwell on their own land of strangers.

And one more interesting fact. When December 26 Joseph Moore arrived to the island, he, opening the door to the lighthouse, began to call for the names of their subordinates. At this time, three birds were sitting on the roof completely uncharacteristic of the huge birds. After Moore shouted out all three names, amazing birds sharply soared into the dark sky and disappeared. Some people tend to think that in In this case, there was a witching transformation of people into gigantic birds.

We can also assume that on the Eileen More unknown to us the reason suddenly opened a portal to a parallel world (obviously about this the shepherds knew, only they hardly guessed that the evil elves appear precisely from behind the looking glass) the watchmen somehow got into him, and so could not return. And fixed around islands with a lighthouse an abnormal storm only proves that here something supernatural happened. But here is what? In addition, it is necessary to believe that the portal was to some extent open and on time crazy watch on the island of chief ranger Joseph Moore. The parallel world to some extent explains why neither to nor after this incident, the caretakers at Eileen More are nothing special and mysterious did not notice.

This dark story has many interpretations, and the Eilean More lighthouse is already has kept its secret for more than a century. By the way, he has long been working in automatic mode, therefore, even if the portal to the parallel world reopens on this mysterious island and from it evil elves appear, they can no longer cause anyone harm. However, they probably can, say, breaking the lighthouse itself. However, Apparently, they are not interested in technology, only the souls of the living people…

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