Mysterious disappearances in national parks USA

Mysterious disappearances in US national parksPhoto from open sources

American Conspiracy therapist and Former Police Officer David Polydes For many years he has been studying the disappearances of his compatriots. Painstakingly collecting information and not trusting official statistics, he determined that in 1980 150 thousand citizens disappeared without a trace The United States, and in 2015 – already about 900 thousand. So thus, the number of disappearances is constantly increasing. And no one finds even the bones of these people.

At the same time, the researcher did truly amazing and some degree of shocking discovery. Many of these individuals disappear in national parks across the country. There, people die under mysterious circumstances. According to Polydes, on average Today, 2,300 Americans disappear daily, and more than a thousand of them evaporate in the air when visiting areas where security is enhanced the environment. Here are just resting citizens here as it turned out, guarded very poorly. More truly, modern security measures do not guarantee people virtually no protection from forces and phenomena unknown to us.

A photo from open sources

Conspirologist has repeatedly contacted administrations domestic national parks and asked officials comment on the situation. Each time David was told in response that no one is responsible for visitors here. Go out with the researcher personally agreed only one official, however the bureaucrat demanded one and a half million for providing information dollars, and the former policeman had to give up such deals.

The five most mysterious and frightening disappearances are described below. and the deaths of Americans in the country’s national parks. To this list at Polydes got those cases that he could not find even some kind of logical explanation. Therefore, a specialist, on the basis of data collected over many years, believes in aliens, and in US government experiments on their by citizens, and in moving people in parallel measures. However, judge for yourself…

The disappearance of little Alfred Beylharttsa

Alfred Beylhartts, the youngest child of large families family, at the time of the loss of only four years. In July 1938 he walked with his parents, brothers and sisters along the river in Rocky Mountain National Park. At some point, the boy briefly behind the group, and his father turned around to ask son go faster. But the child has already caught a trace.

A photo from open sources

Alfred neither screamed nor ran away, nor was a splash heard water, if he suddenly fell into the river. Relatives began to call and look for a boy, and one of them soon got to the nearest house rangers and called the police. When the law enforcement officers arrived, their dogs suddenly took in the track and rushed up the mountain slope. They had to be stopped at an altitude of 150 meters, since the policemen thought that the child could not get here by yourself. Searches lasting several days, nothing given, and Alfred was recognized as drowned.

The next day, ten kilometers from this place were tourists who walked at an altitude of 900 meters and suddenly noticed on a rock nearby a little boy who soon disappeared from their sight. When eyewitnesses returned home and read in the newspaper about the search Beilhartz then immediately turned to the police. Looking at the photo Alfred, they realized that they saw him. Search group got to a new place in two days. Rescuers did not understand how a four-year-old boy managed to climb a steep rock. TO unfortunately, no traces were found on the rocky ridge missing child.

The father and mother of the boy believed that their son was simply abducted.

The disappearance of the photographer Charles McCallard

Nineteen-year-old photographer Charles McCalar of Virginia loved take pictures of nature and travel in your Volkswagen van. IN at the end of 1974 for some reason he refused to use favorite car and hitchhiked to Oregon, where he arrived at the beginning next year. The young man went to the national park Crater Lake, where he intended to capture winter photos landscapes. Charles stopped by his friend, who lived nearby.

McCalar often looked at a local store, and, according to sellers, every time he was kind of puzzled-excited view. On one of his trips to the park, the photographer disappeared. Friend couldn’t explain anything to the police. Charles’s parents organized a search group, they were even helped by employees Federal Bureau of Investigation. At first, no traces of the young man were found. Only two years later, a couple of tourists made the wrong path and ended up in unknown canyon, where I came across an old backpack. It turned out that it belonged exactly to McCallar.

A photo from open sources

The search began again, and 20 kilometers from this place the police found Charles’s corpse near the lake. Law enforcement could not to believe that a young man made his way here along a two-meter layer snow. Some of his clothes were missing, but jeans, socks and shoes were in place. Specialists examined the corpse and unexpectedly determined that these things were worn on McCallar after death. Like someone section of the unfortunate, gave him freeze, and later half time dressed the corpse. Costly the young man’s photo equipment could not be found.

Investigators concluded that he died due to a cold, however the family of the deceased was convinced that Charles had died under inexplicable and ominous circumstances in which one hundred supernatural …

Retirement of Geraldine Largi

Sixty-six-year-old Geraldine Largi was experienced a traveler. In 2013, she went with her girlfriend on a long trip around the Appalachians in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Largi repeating the path once done by writer Bill Bryson, was prepared for this event with all care.

Two months later, a friend left Geraldine, because she was forced to urgently return home. Large continued the journey alone, wanting to end your trip with a meeting with your spouse George. When a pensioner did not come to the meeting place at the indicated time, her husband with the sixth sense realized that something was wrong, and immediately organized a search for his wife.

A photo from open sources

An elderly woman was sought along her entire route with helicopters, horses and dogs. This search operation has become the largest in Maine history. However, then the footprints Geraldine was not found. Only last year her corpse accidentally discovered just five kilometers from where she began with girlfriend camping trip. Of course, for two months a woman then, in 2013 year, went much more. It turns out that later a pensioner turned and went back – very strange … But not this mysterious in what happened.

The body of an American was in a bright orange tent just in ten minutes walk from the nearest hiking trail. Having significant reserves of water and food, the woman spent them, and then died of thirst. In general, she was around this month months. Her legs were intact, that is, Geraldine had the opportunity get out of here. It’s amazing that she stayed here all this time, while a few steps from her brightly colored tent scurried countless rescuers who for some reason point blank did not notice this orange tarps. Moreover, from the records left a tourist, it followed that she got lost and is in some a strange impassable place where there is neither water nor opportunities to get out of here.

David Polydes is sure that a pensioner just got into parallel measurement, and after death, for some reason it “threw” from there …

The disappearance of the scout of Jared Nigret

In July 1991, a group of scouts climbed California Mount San Gorgonio. Twelve year old Jared Nigret, overweight, constantly lagging behind his comrades and in at best, trailed in the tail, and at worst – completely disappeared from sight. When the student has not been seen long enough, adults they got worried and started calling the teenager.

A photo from open sources

Then the whole group began looking for Jared, but to no avail. Nigret seemed to evaporate in place. His body is not found to this day. day. But the police found on the day the scout disappeared, his satchel, in which turned out to be snacks, sweets and a camera. It turned out that before the disappearance, the schoolboy took several mysterious pictures. Many of them were blurry, as if a teenager was trying to film in something that moved near it with a large forest speed. These were the last moments the child was in this the world …

The disappearance of a preschooler Denis Martin

This incident also took place in a national park. Great Smoky Mountains. June 14, 1969 six-year-old Denis Martin went here with his parents, an older brother and two friends. Children decided to play a trick on adults and hide in the bushes to suddenly jump out and scare the Martins parents out of there. Prank failed, but adults to death scared not unexpected the appearance of boys, and the sudden disappearance of Denis.

A preschooler, wearing a noticeable red shirt, did not jump out ambushed together by other children and, as it turned out later, literally dissolved in air. How did he manage to disappear in just a few seconds, no one knows. After all, his comrades assured that in an instant before the jump from the bushes they saw him perfectly. And then its just not appeared in front of the amazed parents …

A photo from open sources

The boy was searched for the whole day, but soon the torrential began rain that washed away all traces and made the rescuers stop futile efforts. Then searching for the missing child unsuccessfully continued for another half a month.

Denis Martin is still considered missing. Before his on the seventh birthday there were only a couple of days. The police believes that a bear or a large animal from cat family. However, why are the other children with whom I was at the time of his disappearance, the boy, did not notice anything like this? Moreover, they assured that their friend’s red shirt was eyes were seen until the very last moment, until they jumped out bushes. And then, any predator could not abduct the boy without leaving no noise, no trace, not a drop of blood …

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