Mysterious disappearances in the Romanian mountains Buzau

Mysterious disappearances in the Romanian mountains BuzauPhoto from open sources

Despite the fact that the Buzau mountains that are in one of Romania’s picturesque counties attract the attention of their piercing beauty, not only tourists come here, but also many pilgrims, esoterics who strive to these parts for a completely different reason.

These places are famous for their rich history, filled with various religious events, huge energy that even ordinary people, with numerous mysterious stories remaining for scientists the unsolved mysteries of these fantastic mountains.

A photo from open sources

One of these strange events happened back in 1981. year. At that time, mountain climbers arrived in Buzau mountains with the aim of practice, because the local rocks can not be called world peaks for record conquering peaks, it’s rather a training platform for professional climbers. They chose for themselves one small but extremely steep rock and began to climb on her. When one of the climbers reached approximately two third of this stone wall, he found on it some mysterious characters and reported this to his brother, who followed. Then the first climber got to a narrow ledge and saw there golden chain, which also told his brother. However when he touched her, and already in front of his brother, then fantastically dissolved in air. Frightened young man went down right there …

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Since there were no more witnesses to this miracle, then the police didn’t really believe in the story of the young man, and I even had to be suspected of perfect killing and hiding a corpse. But … the brother’s corpse was never found. A business shut down.

But the story did not end there. Soon to the mysterious mountain the father of the missing young man arrived, also a climber who knows how to easy to climb any steep cliffs. He arrived accompanied a dozen witnesses, so that later he would not be accused of any frauds (he believed unconditionally in the story of his son). Climbing to the same narrow platform, an experienced climber found on her that mysterious golden chain. In the eyes of astonished he also took witnesses in his hands and … disappeared. No one else never saw. Organized searches in the three-kilometer zone this mountainous area yielded nothing, although they were attracted to them the military, aviation, and even search dogs are all useless. Gone and the yellow chain that the researchers wanted to get from the site and to study …

A photo from open sources

So that this does not happen again, the military decided to blow up damned rock, which they did in the coming days. The rocks collapsed but in there was a strange greenish fog that appears always suddenly, attracts and attracts to itself, however it costs a person succumb to this obsession and enter into a mysterious haze as he immediately disappears from this world … forever.

No, sometimes some lucky people were still found, and for a few kilometers from the damned place. How did they move there and what they felt or saw while the unfortunate they could – they didn’t remember anything. But most often people disappear here without a trace. And all this is happening until now, although since that story with a gold chain and an explosion of a mysterious rock has passed for almost forty years …


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