Mysterious disease turned the British into Hulk

A photo from open sources

Why am I turning into a hulk? Such a question daily a 50-year-old woman suffering from a mysterious disease is asked, which makes her muscles throb and harden. By tabloid Daily Mail, 14 years ago a resident of English Townsbury – Helen Stephens – first felt that something was wrong with her: the woman felt chest pain, and then the muscles of her body began to contract involuntarily. The spasm was so strong and sudden that the british did not even have time to call for help. As soon as the attack was over, Helen went to the hospital and told doctors about a strange disease that resulted in her muscles increase dramatically and harden. Based on her complaints doctors made a preliminary diagnosis: muscle syndrome stiffness (stiff person syndrome) – rare neurological a syndrome characterized by increased muscle tone and painful cramps. However, further tests involving the use of magnetic resonance imaging not confirmed the conclusion of the doctors. Perplexed doctors spread their arms and reported an unusual patient until they establish a cause her mysterious illness, they will not be able to prescribe treatment. Since 14 years passed, but 50-year-old Helen Stevens never heard from Aesculapius correct diagnosis. Photo from open sources Meanwhile, due to a strange pathology a woman cannot lead a normal life – in order to she needs to eat, wash or move to another room help of another person. Photo from open sources “Every day I wake up in a darkened a room that reminds me of a coffin, and I’m afraid that everything will start all over again. As soon as my seizure begins, I swell like the Hulk – mine muscles grow and become so stiff that if do not inject diazepam on time (anticonvulsant), then the needle will not enter my body, ”the Briton describes the attack. Doctors prescribed a unique patient diazepam, so that at least a little relieve her condition. However, even large doses of anticonvulsant means capable, according to pharmacists, of “turning off” 12 people, Helen is of little help. Photos from open sources Recently, doctors said that in their the supernatural test came in, which probably will help them solve the mystery of a mysterious pathology. According to specialists, even if the analysis does not confirm muscle syndrome stiffness, then its results will be useful for further research. Anna Romantseva

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