Mysterious doll officially suspected in the killings

A mysterious doll officially suspected of murderA photo from open sources

Marian Tchaikovsky, best known for stage the pseudonym Great Leicester, was a popular American pop ventriloquist of Polish origin. He is considered the most successful and famous ventrologist heyday of variety shows, as well as one of the founders of such an unusual craft. Mastery this man seemed to know no bounds, and many seriously attributed to Tchaikovsky and his dolls supernatural properties.

Great-grandfather of modern ventriloquism, as is customary today call could drink a glass of water while the doll is on his knee calmly talked. Once Great Leicester’s colleagues as a joke, they replaced water with gin. Ventrologist as if nothing it used to drain a glass of alcohol without showing it, but his doll suddenly coughed and began to shake her head, as if it was her forced to drink two hundred grams of strong alcohol.

A photo from open sources

The great Leicester walked between the visuals, and the doll in talking to others with his hand and whistling popular melodies. Communicating with the doll, the artist managed to interrupt her, and viewers distinctly heard two different voices at the same time. For such performances always sold out, ventriloquist used a special doll, which he personally made from tree and called Frank Byron Jr. By including video below, you can see it as an exhibit in the only on the planet ventriloquism museum – “Vent Haven” in the city Fort Mitchell, Kentucky.

Frank Byron Jr. was the favorite brainchild of Great Leicester, and it was with this attribute that the illustrious artist fulfilled his most successful and amazing numbers. Enthusiastic viewers whispered that inside the doll is a child, a dwarf or a radio, and some even believed that the object was really alive, then there is a doll that simply has consciousness and can talk spontaneously. They even said that for her used wood from the coffin, in which the witch is buried. Say, the spirit of the sorceress possessed a toy and helped Tchaikovsky in his field.

A photo from open sources

In 1924, an unprecedented incident occurred in Detroit. In performance of the Great Leicester and Frank Byron Jr. the latter told the audience a funny joke that three older women died at once from laughter. Of course, the concert was discontinued, and the doctors arrived with the police. Guards the rule of law did not find anything better than to make a suspect happened doll. Frank Byron Jr. was arrested along with his a mysterious toy and delivered to the site.

Photographed the “living toy”, but take prints from her fingers backward failed. Witnesses to that mysterious events all as one said that during the performance of the lips Great Leicester did not move at all, and only Frank spoke Byron Jr. Therefore, prosecute the eminent ventriloquist failed – he did not tell that “deadly” joke. And the mysterious doll suspected of triple murder, finally had to let go. Needless to say since Marian Tchaikovsky no longer used it.

There is persistent rumor that Frank Byron Jr. is still comes to life in a museum on a full moon night, opens its mouth silently and rotates his head as if trying to find his master who has passed away over six decades ago. Alas, these rumors are not backed up any evidence other than the words of the museum staff …

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