Mysterious drawings on the skin of Russians

Mysterious drawings on the skin of RussiansPhotos from open sources of

In 1989-90, many people vacationing on the Riga seaside, found very peculiar patterns on their skin. It was in mainly images of branches with wide leaves made by the method moxibustion. They stood out on the body due to noticeable redness skin. Some of the holders of weird tags have experienced minor pain: burning, itching, tingling. Through 5-7 days, unusual drawings disappeared without a trace …

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Explaining mysterious drawings was not easy.

Scientists explained their appearance by the fact that people, they say, by chance touched with hogweed: this plant contains phototoxic substances and can cause burns. With such a version one could agree, however, the plants in the drawings were in absolutely flat state – as if in a herbarium. In addition, they arose in those people who did not leave the premises at all …

Perhaps many still remember a number of publications in central newspapers about a Turkmen girl who was also “awarded” with a mysterious patterned. When this girl was in the apartment alone, hung over the window UFO in the shape of a ball. A woman came out and went down to the room, invited the girl on a trip to another planet.

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From a strong fright, she lost consciousness, and waking up, found above his knee is the image of a “man” in the sun. Special studies have shown that the drawing is applied by embossing; somehow erase, somehow bring it turned out just impossible.

Kostroma mysterious drawings

Mysterious tags in the 90s arose among the inhabitants of the city Kostroma and Kostroma region. And again, no rational explanations for their appearance, nor any consequences of these anomalies – nothing.

“Watercolor” hand drawings

So, January 29, 1993 Andrei A. worked hard: he bought the old change house (wagon) and transported it to your garden. Returned home late dirty and tired. Had dinner, then washed and went to bed. Before morning, Andrey had a colorful and very colorful dream: as if he is inside some kind of closed, limited a space filled with iridescent bright light. The man saw emerald greenery, trees and bushes, amazing flowers unprecedented shapes and shades. The flowers were very large and did not resemble to earthly. And Andrew heard a female voice that is monotonous repeated three words: “On the fourth day …”

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Waking up, the man went to wash and, seeing his hands, taken aback. The inner surface of the elbow joint on the right hand decorated with a very intricate blue-green pattern in the form of the plate turned upside down (length about 3, height – 0.8 centimeter). At the bottom right, the inverted number “1” was also visible. (height – 0.5 centimeters, width – about a millimeter). Bottom to “unit” adjoined a ring (with a diameter of 1.2 millimeters), and to the left of the finest wave-like lines emanated from the plate in a multitude, some of which, bending to the right, passed through the ring. Up the line of millimeter thickness came out from the plate bottom and, as spiral, wrapped her arm around her wrist.

And Andrei was absolutely amazed when, looking at his left hand, I saw on it the exact same picture, but as if in a mirror reflection. The man showed the image to his wife, than endlessly amazed her. At the same time, Andrei did not feel anything in the elbow pits unpleasant, it seemed that the plate and everything else was just drawn. The man rubbed the image with his hand – it was not erased. Poured water – everything instantly washed off, as if watercolor or aniline paints …

Here is a story. By the way, nothing significant “on the fourth day “did not happen, and whether the unusual dream was connected with even more unusual drawings – who knows?

Mysterious cross on the back

Another interesting case took place in the village of Ikonnikovo (Krasnoselsky district of the Kostroma region). Summer morning Nikolay Vasilyevich S., stripping to the waist, rubbed with wet terry with a towel. Suddenly his wife gasped from behind: “Where did you get the cross on back ?! “Deciding that it was not good, the woman even cried.

Looking in the mirror at his back, Nikolai Vasilievich really saw a cross there. He seemed to be sunbathing with glued to the back with a paper cross. Then the stencil was removed – and there is a white image on tanned skin.

However, nothing like this actually happened. 58 year old Nikolai Vasilievich, suffering from coronary heart disease (second disability group), similar sunbaths to neither why.

Look at the “miracle” came all the villagers and their relatives who came for a weekend from the city. Nikolay Vasilievich willingly showed his back to all comers: here, they say, look, I myself carry my cross! And for advice go to the doctors or more someone, so that the drawing was drawn out, answered: “Doesn’t interfere, not hard to wear. ”

And really, no worries or inconveniences cross he didn’t inflict it on the man: the skin did not hurt, itchy, not itchy. Through for several days it became noticeable that the wonderful image was gradually fades, merging with the “background”. Finally, it completely disappeared …

Mysterious Testing

The heroine of the next story is the young woman Anna K., who lived in the city of Manturovo of the same Kostroma region. Anna is a housewife her family life was successful, the woman’s health is not complained. She was interested in anomalous phenomena, loved to read. about them and watch television, while she herself has never seen no “miracles”.

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In October 1995 Anna dreamed of a young, tall, very a slender and beautiful woman dressed in something long and black. These clothes favorably emphasized a thin waist and magnificent hips beauties. The woman’s face was elongated, with huge dark brown eyes, and combed back hair fell curls to the shoulders. Anna perceived her as an unearthly creature.

The woman reached out and handed Anna a tiny jar like Vietnamese “Stars”: “Take, we have everything with this cream enjoy! ”

There was an image on the lid of the jar – something like a horseshoe or canvas shovels. Anna didn’t remember if she took the cream – on this her dream ended.

On December 7, a woman woke up early in the morning and felt something is burning her right breast. Going to the mirror, Anna froze: a little above the nipple there was an image – exactly the same as on the jar cream. In the evening of the same day, the drawing disappeared, but in its place another appeared – the size of the previous one. He appeared as if a schematic representation of a bird flapping its wings (as in flight).

In the future, Anna more than once or twice found on herself drawings that consistently appeared and disappeared. These were all the same “bird”, only each time deployed in flight under a different angle, and various additions to it in the form of semi-ellipses, open circles with curled edges, large dots on bird silhouette and circles, as well as broken lines connecting these points …

Each time the appearance of the drawings was accompanied by a burning sensation, a slight tingling and even a general (albeit slight) increase temperature. At this time, Anna felt some weakness and apathy.

It is likely that the woman was tested extraterrestrial, more developed civilization. It is also possible that through symbols They tried to convey some information to her. One thing is clear: drawings and labels – the result of the activities of sentient beings. To all the rest There are no answers yet …

By the way, we only note that such anomalies, that is, the appearance of on the skin of people of mysterious drawings – quite common phenomenon in the world. And scientists still cannot rationally explain them. However, there is an assumption that all these “mystical labels” somehow related to the desire of a person to apply to the skin symbolic tattoos. It is quite possible and such, because, frankly saying, we still know so little about this world …

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