Mysterious endangered cat got on camera

The mysterious endangered cat got on cameraPhotos from open sources of

One of the users of the popular social network “Reddit” published in mysterious and supernatural section of the site phenomena, an unusual video shot a few nights ago by a camera observations behind his house. David Corkill convinced that the lens The device hit a mystically disappeared cat.

According to the Irishman, he has no idea who this is whether animal and animal at all. Our hero never had cat or cat, so he reasonably believes that a certain monster in the form of a harmless pet just wandered to him after sunset in the garden. But what happened to the four-legged guest then, truly amazed and perplexed by the owner of the house.

The mysterious footage below illustrates how the animal approaches the garden, stops briefly, then rushes forward and suddenly dissolves in the air. How is that perhaps? Is there really a miracle in front of us, or, how is it customary to speak in scientific circles, a paranormal phenomenon?

Some amazed Reddit patrons think it’s there was a ghostly cat materializing in our world. According to the opinion of others, this animal has the ability teleport or become invisible. Still others speak of failure in the work of the illusory “Matrix”, in which our civilization.

As for the ubiquitous skeptics and materialists, then they suggest that the fault is an imperfect camera, possessing a certain “radius of action” relative to moving objects. Say, an uninvited guest “evaporated” exactly when left the conditional field of view of the recording device.

David notes that he lives in a region where he often observes various unexplained phenomena. For example, this summer Irishman noticed in the forest near his house a clot of fog that moved between the trees like a living creature, then suddenly disappeared (as if deliberately hiding from a curious gaze of a man) in an abandoned fox hole, which struck a man no less than today’s video. Sorry, that “living fog” didn’t get on the camcorder …


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