Mysterious fall of trees

Mysterious fall of treesA photo from open sources In the forest, near the village of Sadovoe Chelyabinsk region, a strange fall of trees appeared. On a small clearly an abnormal phenomenon occurred in the forest area, but found everything this is the local historian Zavyalov Yuri, who provided Internet users this video.

The abnormal zone turned out to be a rectangle of about ten at fifteen meters. In it all the trees or are strongly bent to the ground (those who have withstood this hellish pressure), or simply turned out with root. Moreover, all aspen, birch, pine, alder growing here fallen in one direction and very evenly, find some epicenter landing impact failed.

It is worth emphasizing that the trees in this place were a real thicket, where even sunlight could hardly penetrate – and all of a sudden … No trace of a celestial body falling or blow lightning, especially since such a person could not do, because there are no traces of technology, and with bare hands to create such a force unless epic Svyatogor.

Yes, and modern technology, says Yuri, this could not to implement, since it would take her a lot of time, and that would be noticeable. And here the trees were clearly felled “by one blow “with the help of some focused energy of enormous power, most likely of extraterrestrial origin. However, a more accurate conclusion only scientists can do …

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