Mysterious fields now appear on the fields of England snow rolls

Mysterious snow rolls now appear on the fields of EnglandA photo from open sources

We are already used to the fact that England is a country of mysterious circles on fields, but now winter dominates here, why strange drawings may appear only in the snow. And something unusual really arose in the snowy fields of Britain, that’s just not circles and not mystical figures, but self-moving rolls …

This amazing natural phenomenon was seen and shot in the photo. Forester Brian Bayliss, who lives in Wiltshire. Going out on days in the morning in the field, the man was literally dumbfounded: on a level on a snowy surface rolled rolls very similar to bales hay. At first, the forest ranger thought that some pranksters, but, coming closer, didn’t find a single trace in the snow, except those that left the mysterious rolls themselves.

A photo from open sources

White “bagels” rolled, overgrown with snow and becoming larger and more. The picture was so amazing that experienced forest ranger, who had seen many miracles in his lifetime, hastened to take off snow rolls on a smartphone camera and then turned for Internet help: what is it?

This is what Ian Ferguson, a meteorologist, explained. BBC UK:

This is a rare natural occurrence; no wonder that even old-timers it is bewildering: to see this at least once in life – great luck. For the formation of such rolls are necessary certain conditions: recently fallen, fluffy snow, temperature air just above zero, optimal wind (enough strong, but not sharp and not impulsive) and, finally, the flatness of the fields are the places of action.

A photo from open sources

But why is this happening in England, reasonably asked Web users. After all, circles on wheat fields are observed in mostly here, and now – no less mysterious snow rolls (you never know what the scientists say there, and crop circles are easy explain without explaining anything in principle). Why did this happen in Britain, and not somewhere in Canada or Russia, where there is more snow, and what climatic conditions do you want? Something incomprehensible, right the word is going on with Misty Albion …

A photo from open sources

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