Mysterious “fiendish” found in Australia circles “

In Australia, found the mysteriousPhoto from open sources

In one of the nameless deserts in the western Australian amazing continents were discovered on the continent. Them the unusual thing is that on the grass covering a huge territory, there are countless mysterious circles in the center of which is absolutely naked red earth without any traces of vegetation. Specialists are completely at a loss, they are not can recall similar anomalies in the history of our study the planet.

World scientists have already called this natural phenomenon “diabolical circles, “suggesting that such a name could its time to give the Australian aborigines. The desert is in fifteen kilometers from the Australian city of Newman. Anomaly was accidentally spotted two days ago by a helicopter pilot ambulance, which was heading from Newman to a neighboring village. After completing the service, the pilot called the staff of the University of Edita Cowon at Banbury and reported on his astounding find.

Scientists considered this a rare seasonal occurrence, since Otherwise, someone would certainly notice the “diabolical circles” in other time of the year. While researchers are not able to determine the nature of this phenomenon, however, several more or less plausible theories.

A photo from open sources

According to one of them, grass roots are eaten by insects, and birds and animals use the formed bald spots for nesting and overnight stay. Another hypothesis is that plants specifically are organized in such an unusual way to get more access to water. During precipitation, moisture is hardly absorbed into the bare land and gradually flows down to the periphery. So, “diabolical circles” can act as a source of water not only for herbs, but also for various living organisms.

If you look at the wonderful desert from a bird’s eye view, you can to think that thousands of flying saucers landed here. Diameter each circle is several meters, while they are scattered very consistent. Australian specialists currently and scholars invited from other countries carefully research this phenomenon until the grass withered and the circles disappeared – supposedly until next year. Ufologists still don’t know, how to identify this anomaly, although its “natural” causes they refuse to believe …

A photo from open sources

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