Mysterious figures in the snow appeared in Argentina

Mysterious figures in the snow appeared in ArgentinaPhoto from open sources

October 15 this year in the Argentine city of Mokeue province Neuquen passed a slight snowfall. One of the locals was driving in the evening on a suburb on a motorcycle and suddenly noticed two in the snow clear symmetrical patterns, one of which resembled a star David, and the other two circles.

A photo from open sources

Astonished man got down from the bike and photographed twice anomalies. Characteristically, there were no other traces. Rodrigo (that’s the name of our hero) thought he had stumbled upon landing sites for unidentified flying objects. Returning home, the Argentinean sent the images to ufologists.

Many researchers of UFOs and extraterrestrial civilizations agreed with the fact that there are “green men” involved. Some specialists they even suggested that we had a kind of “circles in the snow”, similar to the famous crop circles. But why are they needed, so far it’s impossible to say with accuracy.

But even after all, scientifically explain crop circles before still does not succeed, or rather will say this: so far only at the level of various assumptions. But all these scientific theories no different from the explanations of ufologists or esotericists, for example, parapsychologist S.N. Lazarev, about which we repeatedly wrote on the pages of our site …


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