Mysterious fire fell from the sky in Poland

November 23 this year, residents of the Polish city of Legnica became
witnesses of the mysterious phenomenon. In the evening here fell from the sky shining
a spherical object of large size with a burning tail. Turning on
the video below, you can see
amazing sight with my own eyes.

Obviously, this mysterious object is completely different from
ordinary meteorite. Someone claims that this is a fallen
satellite or space junk. Others are convinced that the atmosphere
Earth exploded and began to fall down the flying ship
representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization.

Anyway, the search for the wreckage of UFOs was organized, however
until the enthusiasts found anything. Many eyewitnesses formed
the impression that the fireball has moved in space or even
in time, just burned out, dissolved in the air …
suggestion that it could have been a ballistic missile, however
such a theory is not very popular.

What do you think? What is the nature of this unidentified flying
object? No wonder many Poles were scared at the sight of such
surreal picture. Note that the search for collapsed to the ground
UFOs continue to this day, but few people believe that they are
will succeed.

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