Mysterious fish swam right along the road

Mysterious fish swam right along the roadPhotos from open sources of

In the American city of Harlingen, Texas, noticed quite an unusual phenomenon. After the recent rain in the streets streams sprang up in the city, and in one of them the local motorist David French unexpectedly noticed two relatively large fish, which confidently sailed in shallow water.

Such a picture seemed to an eyewitness amazing and mysterious, so he hastened to capture it on the smartphone’s camera. Doubtless the mystery, according to the man, is that there is no one nearby no rivers and freshwater lakes where fish could come from. Moreover, and fish rain, as it is annually, for example, happens in Honduras (read the article about this link), the author of this I have never seen a unique video in my native land.

However, the aquatic inhabitants are as if from the air materialized in the creek right in the middle of the carriageway and so but elusively sailed away somewhere. What could it be: mysticism, mystery nature or something quite explainable? ..


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