Mysterious flashes in the sky over Oklahoma

Mysterious flashes in the sky over OklahomaPhotos from open sources of

American photographer and sky watcher Paul Smith says that on May 24 he captured something strange over Oklahoma.

By turning on the video below, you can see night sky, on which they light up, and sometimes as if pouring down, mysterious large flashes of red, orange and purple shades. According to the man, he was incredibly excited such a sight, and therefore hastened to share the miracle he saw with by others.

Experts say that we are talking about the so-called sprites – electrical discharges of cold plasma arising in the thermosphere and the mesosphere of the Earth. Near Earth flashes are very little studied and mysterious. They like usually cover large spaces in the upper layers atmosphere, sometimes extending to the very cosmos. In recent years scientists note an increase in the number of observations of such lightning in many points of the world, and the reason for this again remains a mystery to experts. However, scientists do not really know the nature of even ordinary lightning, not to mention sprites …

Meanwhile, some ufologists and researchers of abnormal phenomena suggest that this is by no means a natural phenomenon, but a result activities of representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations or any other incomprehensible to the human mind higher entities.

However, if the nature of sprites is unclear to scientists, and the activity higher powers (or aliens) – is beyond the reach of our mind, then what’s the difference for a person what is it? In any case – a miracle. A miracle in both cases. So watch the video, enjoy and we admire what we see, from the heart thanks to Paul Smith for this little present…

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