Mysterious Funduji Lake

Mysterious Funduji LakePhotos from open sources

Despite the fact that a man managed to stick his nose and even order shit in almost every corner of our huge planets, with the possible exception of only the deep sea, on Earth there are still many mysterious places. And more often than not, they again connected with water bodies.

Monster in the lake

Among such places is the mystical African Lake Funduji, located three hundred kilometers from the capital of South Africa, Pretoria. Locals (the Bevend tribe) consider it a cursed place and try to get around seven miles. In their opinion, lives in the lake scary monster devouring anyone who dares even get closer to the pond, not to mention swim or even just wash your feet. Modern researchers have discovered this lake only in 1917, after the mining engineer Trevor found not far from the reservoir of ore deposits. Attracted by his team and strange just some ominous lake with black water and unthinkable legends about it, which were told by local residents. However, the miners had neither the time nor the desire to study this enchanted water.

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Only in 1947 two mad brothers were found who decided check to see if a monster actually lives in the lake. The thing is that besides crocodiles, nothing was observed in the pond supernatural. So, one of the Gendrick brothers swam across Funduji on the boat, and Yakobus stayed on the shore in order to track occurring from the side. The boat safely reached the middle lakes and then got up, as attached, no matter how much Hendrick applied efforts to move her off the ground. However, he did not even have time scared, because the next moment a huge the mouth of the monster that swallowed the daredevil along with the canoe. All this horror was observed from the shore by the second brother.

Other riddles of Funduji Lake

However, the scary monster is not the only African secret lakes. The rather full-flowing river Mutvali flows into Funduji, not to mention the numerous rivers and streams, while from the reservoir there is no outflow of water. And yet, it never overflowing, moreover, Funduji Lake also has “oceanic” tides, which, however, do not depend from the moon, and the bride of what.

Surprising scientists and the constant blackness of the water, which freely only crocodiles feel. In 1953, Bill Clayton and Alan Ellis tried to uncover the secrets of the lake, but already at the first stage studies have faced an unsolvable mystery that is so they were struck and even scared that they immediately turned off the expedition and hurriedly left. Scientists scooped up black water from a reservoir and the vessels were tightly clogged, but the next morning they didn’t it turned out not a drop of liquid. Where to do it is not clear …

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In the footsteps of Clayton and Ellis, Professor Burnside arrived at the lake with his assistant Tucker. They poured for the purity of the experiment water in a variety of containers – not just glass. But it is not helped, water disappeared from all the vessels. Surprised by this, Professor even tasted black water that tasted stale-sour. This unforgivable recklessness ultimately account, it cost the scientist life: a few days later he died from intestinal inflammation. But the most amazing thing is that his assistant Tucker on the way back from Funduji found that the tanks again filled with black water. True, upon arrival in the capital of South Africa �Pretoria, William Tucker once again saw empty containers, therefore it was not possible to investigate the water of the mysterious lake.

Mystic lords of the lake

As we already mentioned, there were crocodiles in Funduji, whom the lake monster not only did not touch, but even, apparently, endowed by its mystical power. For example, in 1954, Funduji crocodiles European alligator hunters became interested, especially as there were a lot of these valuable reptiles because of their skin, and they, like they say, they were still not scared.

A group of fishermen gathered on the shore of the reservoir and became shoot aiming at huge crocodiles. However, the bullets are like bounced off them without causing the slightest harm to alligators. AND then from the heap of these impenetrable animals suddenly the most huge alligator and headed towards the hunters who looked at him as bewitched, unable to budge. The crocodile crawled to the people, grabbed one of the hunters and fled with him under black water. And only after that the others suddenly came to their senses from obsession and rushed to flee from the damned lake.

A photo from open sources

Since then, they tried to study the terrible lake (at least somehow “understand”) researchers from different countries, however, faced with the first inexplicable phenomena (just mystical), immediately left it damn place. Scientists suggest that there is a huge lake white crocodile eater. Also by Winon Stanley in 2004 a giant jellyfish is seen here – another monster dark brown approximately four thousand square meters. Although all these “discoveries” do not explain much …

And the Bevend tribe continues to offer sacrificial gifts the lord of Funduji Lake, however, these are not the best girls anymore happened back in the nineteenth century, but just animals and spirits beverages. However, they claim, and these gifts help them propitiate the lake monster. Therefore, to avoid many troubles and misfortunes, for example, without leaving a trace of people …

Water Monsters

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