Mysterious glow captured in the New Park Orleans

A mysterious glow captured in New Orleans ParkA photo from open sources

Unknown resident of the American city of New Orleans in the state Louisiana recently visited one of the local parks and got there very unusual shot. A man saw a flock of ducks near a small the river and decided to “catch” the birds on the smartphone’s camera. However, in the frame suddenly got something much more interesting and intriguing, what our hero noticed only after some time, looking the next evening the image received in the park.

On the opposite bank of the river, an incomprehensible an anomaly that looks like a kind of bluish glow. Bright light was near the water and partially obscured by branches of shrubs. Author photography has no idea what it is. At first, the man decided that the phone was junk, and even showed it to a familiar master, but he concluded that the gadget’s camera is in full okay. It turns out that the glow turned out to be real? But how could it to be?

A photo from open sources

Some users of the World Wide Web who have read the snapshot believe that it depicts a portal to another dimension. According to others, we have a mysterious energy essence. Third talk about the failure of the Matrix, where we all live (something about it began to talk with the Internet more and more often – for good reason). Fourth suggests that the American took a picture an amazing optical phenomenon or a natural phenomenon like swamp light. Anyway, say with one hundred percent the accuracy that fell into the lens of the American camera cannot no one.

By the way, by including the video below, you can see something similar – a wandering light shot somewhere in South America. So there are not so few such phenomena in our lives. Can, are we really in the matrix? Or our world is much richer and more mysterious than we think of him? ..

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