Mysterious glow shot in Illinois

The mysterious glow shot in IllinoisPhotos from open sources of

In the American city of Romeoville, Illinois the other day misfortune happened – a local resident named Janusz drowned in a pond Slaby. 30-year-old man and his friend took a kayak at night, after why went swimming in an artificial reservoir. At a certain the moment the sports boat rolled over, and the comrades were in the water. Due to the fact that none of them knew how to swim, the Americans began to drown and call for help.

Owners of nearby houses instantly called rescuers. Those, Arriving on a call, they managed to get Janusz’s friend alive from the water, however, Slaby herself could not be found at first. For 90 minutes according to the charter, divers conducted an enhanced search with the goal is to save the man, but this did not produce results, and divers switched to body search mode. Taking advantage sonar equipment and underwater cameras, lifeguards 2 hours later found Janusz, who was recognized dead on location.

It would seem a tragic, but quite banal story. However here which is curious: many witnesses of the incident claim to have seen that night a mysterious glow above the pond. While divers unsuccessfully tried to save Slaby, a neon blue clot appeared over the water light, and then just as suddenly dissolved in air. Yet more interesting is that one of the local journalists covering incident, managed to capture this in the photo. It is noteworthy that in dark water anomaly did not affect the image.

Does this phenomenon have anything to do with the drowned miserable? Nobody can say this with accuracy.


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