Mysterious heavenly appeared in Bashkiria Ray

A mysterious sky ray appeared in BashkiriaPhoto from open sources

Radmir Rakhimov, who lives in the Bashkir village of Buzdyak, noticed recently in the sky an inexplicable ray of light of enormous size, connecting the earth with the sky.

An eyewitness is convinced that this phenomenon has an alien origin, and the beam was emitted by an unidentified flying object. This happened on the night of January 4-5. The man managed to fix a mysterious phenomenon on the camera of his mobile phone and lay out received video on the social network “Facebook”.

Unfortunately, a flurry of skeptics immediately fell upon Radmira comments. As it turned out, many compatriots eyewitnesses refused to recognize the extraterrestrial origin of the glow. For instance, some doubters have suggested that this is an ordinary spotlight. Rakhimov in response to this stated that the searchlights are such are not big. According to Bashkir, the area of ​​the anomaly should have been at least ten hectares, which is not even like the most powerful spotlight.

Other materialists say that on the outskirts of the village is a huge greenhouse, whose dimensions almost exceed the size of Buzdyak. This greenhouse emits scattered light, which in the described night for some reason, supposedly, gathered in one big beam. Such a theory, according to the opinion of the author of the video also does not stand up to criticism, since no one I have never seen a greenhouse complex emit so much into the sky intense rays. In a word, a man is adamant in his opinion regarding the intervention of representatives of extraterrestrial civilization, who scanned the earth through this radiation.

Uphologists became interested in a heavenly ray

Physicists and meteorologists joined the skeptics. Scientists report that the phenomenon observed by the Russians represented a relatively rare optical illusion – the sunset, whimsically hidden by frosty clouds. Experts say that this optical phenomenon occurs during a sharp cooling and formation in cirrus clouds of ice crystals. Like, these crystals are folded into various intricate shapes and reflect the remnants of the light of the setting sun. However, it is hardly possible it was expected that people of official science immediately recognize the existence of aliens.

Radmir for a long time diligently answered on his page “Facebook” to messages of doubters, for example, that the sun time has long sat down and it was almost night, until it tired, and he did not stop convincing the skeptics. Now Russian ready to talk only with ufologists or other experts, who are able to truthfully answer all his questions. By the way, some people are really interested in video recording domestic and foreign researchers of extraterrestrial life.

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