Mysterious “heavenly cube” captured over Ohio

Mysterious Photo from open sources

The video below was recently received by a resident. Ohio State driving home in its car. It was evening and American suddenly saw something in the pink sunset sky strange: a huge dark object appeared in the clouds above the ground square shape. The “cube of heaven,” as an eyewitness called it, was like to the scene from some science fiction film.

The driver took out a mobile phone and captured an anomaly through the windshield of the car, considering, on the one hand, that it will be so more convincingly talk about what happened to relatives and friends, and with another – such material is no worse than abnormal news, which he himself often views on the Internet. Coming back home, the man did just that: posted the video on the World cobwebs, because he considered it worthy of the attention of researchers paranormal phenomena.

Of course, many patrons of the Internet, Having familiarized with these mysterious shots, we considered that over Ohio arose an alien aircraft. According to others, speech is about a spatial portal. Still others talk about optical illusions. Be that as it may, amazing material interested a large number of users and scattered across many resources Networks.

We must assume that the resident of Ohio was satisfied with his a little sensation. It’s only surprising that most of these operators, especially from among Americans, by the will of fate becoming witnesses of unique phenomena, do not even want to give your name, not to mention other interesting data for research. What are they afraid of? ..

By the way, a little over a year ago, a similar black square in the sky was spotted in new jersey. And again, it became the property of the Web Internet has caused a stir among researchers paranormal (taiwan ufologist Scott Waring even remembered a few more similar celestial anomalies), but the authors no one called mysterious pictures and videos. This is strange …

Scott Waring

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