Mysterious “heavenly worm” captured over Florida

MysteriousA photo from open sources

The video below was received on May 20 this year in an area called North Fort Myers, Florida. American, who shot this video, says that at about 6:45 pm he himself, as well as his girlfriend and son were on a walk when unexpectedly noticed something very strange in the sky.

An incomprehensible object resembling rapidly formed above the ground. on a huge bright worm. Squinting in the sky, he soon connected with another “worm” that arose from somewhere above, from the clouds. According to eyewitnesses, this sight was so unusual and surreal that does not capture it on camera a smartphone would be an unforgivable mistake. Therefore they entered as everyone who saw such a miracle would do.

When the footage recorded by a man appeared on the Web, they quickly circled many sites, riveting the attention of thousands of viewers. Alone World Wide Web users believe that we have a result activities of representatives of extraterrestrial civilization. According to other commentators, we can actually talk about some an amazing living creature like a flying snake.

If you believe the third, the Americans witnessed the appearance in the sky of a funnel cloud, and nothing more, although in this case too not so simple. The fact is that clouds have long been worrying independent researchers in terms of their rational behavior and some mysterious actions. Maybe higher forces are behind it, maybe the same aliens, but it is possible that we are adjacent to some incomprehensible collective mind, which sometimes surprises and even scares us …

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