Mysterious hills on which the law of gravity does not spreads

A photo from open sources

Not far from the city of Murpark, California, there is a hill on which gravity does not seem to extend. Translate gear lever in neutral and the machine is slow will go uphill. There is a legend about how in the 1940s a group of schoolchildren went on an excursion, and suddenly the bus broke like times when climbing this hill. After the driver is exhausted, do not in the power to eliminate the breakdown and reason for the bursting five-claws, he ordered the children to go out and push the bus uphill. When three quarters the paths to the top were behind, the strength of the children was over, the bus I went back, several schoolchildren died. The driver escaped, and no one had ever seen him again. They say that the souls of these children are still live on this hill and push up everyone who stops transport. The story about Murpark Hill is unique, but not so. the phenomenon itself. There is evidence of hundreds of such hills without gravity, “scattered around the world, and everyone has their own unusual explanation.

Gravity Drivers

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