Mysterious hole opened in Tibetan mountain Kailash

A mysterious hole opened in Tibetan Mount KailashA photo from open sources

The submitted picture was taken on Sunday, January 6, a Tibetan named Zohur Uddin. A man photographed Mount Kailash in the south of the Tibetan Plateau and suddenly “caught” something weird. On one of the frames of our hero was imprinted … huge and perfectly flat round hole on the side of the mountain! Needless to say that the photographer was extremely impressed by his discovery and hastened Share the image on the World Wide Web.

It is noteworthy that among the local residents of Kailash since ancient times is considered the most sacred place in the world. Mountain 6666 high meters has the shape of a tetrahedral pyramid, the edges of which oriented strictly to the cardinal points, as if someone had created it artificially. At the moment, no one has managed to conquer this the top. According to legends, the so-called “stairway to heaven”, by which you can climb into paradise or get into mysterious Shambhala, however so far the mountain has not allowed any mortal make such a journey.

Ufologists, conspiracy theorists and other researchers have their own guesses about this place. According to many of them, Kailash is not a mountain at all, but a pyramid erected here by aliens many millennia ago. And she is still the base aliens closed to humans by mysterious power. Maybe, Uddin’s unusual shot is the best proof of this. Experts believe that the pyramid periodically opens passage so that ships of representatives of extraterrestrial civilization can leave your base and return to it. Just such a moment invisible to the human eye, apparently, and hit the lens cameras of Zohur Uddin …

Kailash Pyramids

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