Mysterious ice circles on the rivers

Ice circles formed on rivers are a rather rare phenomenon.
virtually unexplored. Of course, scientists each time put forward their
materialistic theories of what is happening, however they have few
satisfy, because they do not explain why ice forms
the circle is in this place, although it has never been before – and
conditions of the river, the weather – are all the same?

It was this that puzzled the locals and tourists who
observed such a mysterious ice circle on the Yimin River in China –
Inner Mongolia. Four meter circle slowly
rotated on the surface of the river, allowing people to easily jump on it,
like coming back – kind and very funny
attraction for tourists.

Note that something similar was observed, for example, last year.
residents Novokubansky district of Krasnodar region. True, in Russia
it happened in spring, not in late autumn, but also on the river
Kuban. Как писали тогда журналисты, поражает в этом >ледяном
river circle

In 2013, the same anomaly was observed by Americans in the lower reaches
Cheyenne River in North Dakota. How enthusiastically talked about it
a witness who was fortunate enough to film an ice circle
George Loizhering is just some kind of miracle! 50 foot circle
perfect, as if it was created by some wizards or
least aliens that amaze our imagination with their
amazing features.

I can not believe that all this is the creation of Nature, because it is,
as a rule, “does not like” the correct geometric shapes …

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