Mysterious in the old photo “defect”

The old photo was mysteriousPhoto from open sources

In the Reddit section of the entertainment news site supernatural phenomena, another curious appeared publication. Resource user under an alias Marylikestodraw says that she recently visited a commission a shop where I came across a very unusual product. This find so surprised and intrigued the girl that our heroine immediately acquired it and hastened to show the Internet regularly.

We are talking about a mysterious old picture, tinted with sepia. Bought marylikestodraw frame depicts a man walking to the photographer on a country road. But what is so strange here? A strange that behind the man in the photo clearly visible incomprehensible an object that resembles either a skeleton or a shadow from a skeleton. AND this alleged sinister anomaly appears to have been in shooting time on the move!

A photo from open sources

Of course, skeptics are in no hurry to believe that someone’s lens the camera once hit a revived human skeleton or even animal. Some materialists believe that the picture was edited. Others are sure that the authors of the image were suspended behind the scenes some anatomical model of the skeleton to create so unusual shadow on the road. According to third, it’s just an insect in camera lens. If this is true, then before us is very unusual insect, don’t you find it? ..

And on the other hand, our world is not as physically primitive as Orthodox scholars present it to us, and therefore it can anything happens. And even that marylikestodraw “accidentally” discovered this mysterious photograph with a strange “defect” on it and submitted it to the trial of netizens the Internet is already a small miracle, beyond which, quite possibly, hiding another miracle, which we usually call mysticism …


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