Mysterious light pole over the volcano

Mysterious light pole over the volcanoPhotos from open sources of

The highest stratovolcano of Europe named Etna on March 18 during the time of his next eruption surprised how volcanologists, and researchers of all kinds of paranormal phenomena, throwing a huge light pole in the sky (see video).

Note that Etna began her new activity on February 28, and 16 March, from the sudden release of its red-hot lava, they almost suffered ten employees of the Air Force company who decided to remove the volcano. TO fortunately, operators who are too close to the epicenter of the explosion, seriously injured, at most that the journalists experienced – minor burns and bruises, not counting the fright.

And here is the new surprise that Etna gave out this year – light the pillar, which appeared here around midnight from March 17 to 18. His recorded a surveillance camera with an IR filter, working in Auto mode with 8 second shooting interval.

A photo from open sources

The strange light pole, judging by the pictures, moved from right to left and gradually lost its brightness. Unfortunately, the camera specialists couldn’t cover the top of this pillar, so the total the picture of what it is is very difficult to imagine.

For example, ufologists are sure that Etna, like Mexican volcanoes Popocatepetl and Colima, is either a portal to a parallel world, or exit-entrance to the underground alien base. Light pole their opinion can only be explained by alien activity, there is simply no other reasonable definition. Orthodox scholars habitually shrug or give out some “inaudible” maxims on this account …

Volcanoes of Colima

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