Mysterious lightning struck dozens of Germans

Mysterious lightning struck dozens of GermansPhotos from open sources of

On Saturday, May 28, in the German commune Hopstedten in the west of the country happened mysterious and at the same time deplorable event. In the midst of a youthful football match in the stadium struck inexplicably where the lightning came from, hitting thirty teenagers and five adults.

Hospitalization took twelve participants in the incident, the rest surprisingly escaped with shock. Nonetheless, truly injured Germans received significant injuries – some people, including the football referee, were serious disturbed cardiac activity.

German meteorologists claim that on that day over the region, where the ill-fated stadium is located, three atmospheric front. Then, it would seem, it is not surprising that thunderstorm began. However, here’s what is striking – and before incident, and during it any signs of bad weather completely were absent. The sky was completely cloudless and the thunder heard.

Some assumptions about the mysterious lightning

Experts cannot explain this phenomenon, but put forward more or less plausible hypothesis. According to the assumption experts, it was the so-called “wandering” lightning, which separated from the “mother” clouds and traveled many kilometers, before being on the football field. Sounds like clean fiction, however, in fact, such cases are repeatedly recorded by scientists.

A photo from open sources

Sometimes a strong electric charge can cover a distance of several tens of kilometers, collapsing somewhere, like, actually thunder from a clear sky. For example, in 1995 in a building the meteorological service of the American city of Melbourne hit lightning that traveled over forty kilometers. And in 2014 in Transbaikalia a twenty-five-year-old man died from a lightning strike, strolling along the beach with a little son. Eyewitnesses say that the weather was extremely clear, but suddenly over a young father a flash flashed, and he immediately fell to the ground dead.

There is another theory. Incredible could have formed in the sky a thin cloud of tiny ice crystals. Scientists Such anomalies are called “anvils.” A similar layer may be invisible to human eyes and stretch across the sky for many square kilometers, while having the opportunity to provoke lightning, although very rarely.

German doctors report that none of the victims received fatal injuries; however, some will have to hospital for many weeks.

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