Mysterious lights over Lake Ladoga

A few days ago, fishermen recorded a strange over Lake Ladoga
phenomenon in the form of mysterious objects flying in the sky with bright lights.
Amateur video captured on smartphone by surprised residents
Karelia, soon appeared on the Internet and interested many
ufologists, including foreign ones.

Experts make all sorts of assumptions, but practically
everyone is sure that this is not a natural phenomenon – it’s too similar
on the aircraft. That’s just not clear – what?

The fact is that these UFOs did not make any sounds, floated around
sky very slowly, and, frankly, caused bewilderment not
only among witnesses, but also among ufologists, who never
were able to identify them in terms of their official
unrecognized science.

It is possible, analysts have suggested, that these were some
military aircraft, say, created by the type of secret
TR-3B aircraft. However, in this case it remains a mystery whose
airplanes and what they did over Ladoga.

Of course, UFOs can also be of unearthly origin, in this
In this case, everything becomes more explicable – and the mystery of the lights, and
uncertainty in action, and silence: the fact is that
aliens can be any technique, inaccessible to our understanding,
as the ultimate goal. But if so, then the Russian fishermen
managed to remove one of the most interesting UFOs. First, over Russia, they
do not appear as often as, say, over America (or they are removed
not so often), and secondly, the aircraft themselves are very
strange, not at all like the traditional “flying saucers” and
�”Flying cigars” …

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