Mysterious luminous ball scared wild fox

The mysterious luminous ball scared the wild foxPhoto from open sources

The cryptic video below was obtained at Thursday, December 13 this year, in an American city Catskill, NY. Local hunter set in nature the camera and captured at 22:53 something amazing and inexplicable. IN the lens of the recording device hit a wild fox that was scared by the sudden appearance in the air of an incomprehensible light ball, flying out of the forest and swiftly rushing towards the camera.

A photo from open sources

The animal peacefully sniffed the ground when behind the trees behind predators suddenly appeared a luminous ball the size of presumably with melon. As soon as the anomaly approached the fox, that bullet rushed away. The roller is equipped with sound, so you can to conclude that it was the silent appearance that frightened the wild beast ball, and not a crunch nearby branches or steps of the hunter.

These surreal shots spread over many of the Web’s resources, dedicated to the supernatural. Some users of the World the webs thought it was the so-called orb – mystical essence from the other world. According to others, before us ball lightning – a mysterious bunch of energy. If you believe the third, we are talking about an alien drone. Fourth do say that probably the animal’s thoughts were captured on the video. In parapsychology this phenomenon is called psycho-photography, although living thoughts creatures, they say, can also be recorded on video and audio.

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