Mysterious Mage and Telepath Lior Souchard

The mysterious magician and telepath Lior SouchardA photo from open sources

He is able to read the thoughts of any person and guess his very secret desires. His triumphant performances force viewers believe in the inexplicable. He is advised by Bill Gates, Donald Trump and other billionaires, investors and bankers. He calls himself a mentalist and deciphers this term as follows: “A mentalist is one who able to manipulate the minds of other people without malicious intent, but for the sake of beautiful show. ”

April Fools Wonders

Psychic, telepath, mysterious wizard, world celebrity and just a charming guy from Israel Lior Sushard meteor swept on Russian TV channels, striking viewers with their phenomenal abilities.

Ironically, it was on April 1, 2014, that he became a guest Andrei Malakhov, host of the popular show. All broadcast was dedicated various tricks performed by the only one. Lior flexed to warm up by the power of thought spoons and coins, guessed (blindfolded) which objects were taken from the guests of the program. One of the tricks was related to credit card of Andrei Malakhov himself.

Lior said he could guess the presenter’s PIN number. But for all, Sushard wrote only the first two digits on a piece of paper; the rest was shown to the TV presenter personally. To everyone’s surprise, the code he guessed with absolute accuracy. After a successful trick, Lior passed Andrei got a crumpled piece of paper with numbers, and shocked Malakhov ate his.

The program’s guests were also the participants of the show “Voice. Children” – charming Arina Danilova and ambitious Irakli Intskirveli. Them also impressed Sushard’s talent. He was able to direct the girl’s thoughts so that she chose exactly the word from the whole newspaper (and voiced it), which Lior previously wrote on a piece of paper.

As a guest of the White Studio program hosted by Daria Spiridonova, Sushard struck the lead by the fact that without much difficulty guessed what her first teacher was called. He asked Daria mentally present the name of the lady in English transcription, focused, pierced the host with a sizzling look and spoke:

– Her name was Jeanne!

– Before my performance, I always carefully study the audience from behind the curtains, Lior admitted, no matter 200 of them or two thousands. Intuition helps me choose those viewers with whom I it will be easy to communicate and work that will not resist my attempts to penetrate the world of their thoughts and desires. I scan them look, I observe the language of their gestures. If some show viewer negative, then I can’t do anything with him, he should to be open to miracles, only then will he receive this miracle. I believe in mind and do not like skeptics. With increased susceptibility, I understand that this imposes certain obligations on me. The fact is that I can easily recognize a person’s words as a lie, but I often hide it so as not to put the interlocutor in difficult position.

A photo from open sources

Sushard admits that at one of his first shows he sought cause smiles in the hall and joked, saying that the viewer sitting in the room next to his wife, cheating on her, and his lover sits in the same a hall nearby. After the concert, the voluptuary appeared in the dressing room of the young showman and almost beat him.

– After this incident, I didn’t joke anymore because I understood immutable truth: you need to be delicate and not put the audience in uncomfortable position! – says Sushard.

Lior is traditionally open to communication. He told reporters that born 33 years ago, lives in Tel Aviv. With future wife met, again, with the help of his unusual abilities. He interested the girl by guessing her phone number. Candy and bouquet stage ended with a modest wedding in 2012 year.

When the spouse was expecting an heir, Lior easily predicted gender child, and ultrasound only confirmed his prophecy. In recognition of his talent wife gave him a ring on which engraved: “You are my superhero.”

Hidden features

– I can’t explain how and why I can read the thoughts of others. people. This gift manifested itself in my early childhood. It was worth to for example, mom think about something, and I already fulfilled her desire. When he felt that punishment awaited me, I safely hid and waiting for a family storm! Already at ten years old I could move the power of thought toys. Parents asked to perform these tricks in front of the audience relatives and guests. I already liked their enthusiastic ones applause! – Lior said in an interview.

In 2007, 11 months before the US election, the famous mentalist George Kreskin predicted that the presidents will become “dark horse. “At that time, Barack Obama was not among favorites.

Sushard is sure that in every person hidden opportunities. If you constantly develop intuition, use meditation, imagination, acquire new knowledge in the field psychology, you can easily move to a new level of perception. Lior’s motto is: “You need to be your master every day mind! ”

In doing so, he adds:

– I made great efforts to develop my abilities, embedded in my DNA. How did i do that? I read a lot, studied the experience of psychics of previous years, listened to music and watched films. By the way, I often review the Ghost tape with Patrick Swayze in the main role. This picture also taught me a lot!

A photo from open sources

Sushard’s amazing shows are filled with music. She helps him tune in to communication with the audience and increases its concentration. It is no coincidence that Lior’s favorite composition is Imagine. (“Imagine”) John Lennon. According to Suchard, imagination is the key that helps to go into the past or penetrate the future.

“Imagination shapes my positive attitude,” admits. Lior, and in his book, which has become a bestseller in many countries, writes that human thought, mind can be compared with a flashlight or with a laser. The light of the flashlight is scattered and weak, and the laser beam is concentrated and is capable of not only moving objects, but also, for example, cutting diamonds. And man (of course, in the presence of certain natural abilities) is able to turn this same flashlight of the mind into wonderful laser. And then he will be able to look at the coins and do other, most diverse miracles.

Good magic

– To hear a person’s thoughts, I need a clear concentration, In addition, the object should be nearby. I need to feel it feel his breath and aura! – Lior says and immediately admits that tries not to use her gift in communication with loved ones and in at home, behaves like an ordinary person.

American journalist Harry Black described Sushard’s abilities after having visited his show:

“This guy has a phenomenal and inexplicable sixth feeling. He’s just gorgeous. Lior is the only one in recent years who could really surprise me. He really reads minds and moves objects (there are many different programs on the Internet with it participation), but every time he creates something unimaginable. In our all people are admired by such people, run after them in droves, take autographs and revered for the happiness of communicating at least fleetingly, and in Middle Ages unique, soothsaying, fortune-tellers or burned on bonfires, or conducted diabolical experiments on them. ”

A photo from open sources

It should be noted that the birthplace of Lior – Israel – gave the world a galaxy of psychics and telepaths. And this is no coincidence. IN in recent years, magic has become an unusually popular form of entertainment in Israel. In addition, competitive competitions are held regularly TV show where psychics, magicians, fortune tellers, astrologers and sorcerers demonstrate their talents.

The winner of the most prestigious show “Phenomenon” was Lior Sushard. After that, he could be increasingly seen in various television shows, and then the masters of magic and a dedicated mentalist began to invite touring to other countries. And everywhere Sushard waited full halls. Himself Lior explains this by the fact that in society there is a request for miracle.

– It must be certainly good and never evil, – in this I am sure the maestro – because in today’s world there are so many negative emotions. They bring bloody revolutions, military conflicts, terrorist acts, natural disasters and aviation disaster. And good magic allows you to abandon these troubles and plunge into the world of bewitching illusions, into the world of childhood, when it was believed in fabulous miracles, magical transformations and amazing metamorphoses! I’m sure that my “tricks and tricks” bring people positive emotions surprise and make them kinder!

Vladimir Petrov

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