Mysterious magnetic stones found on the shore Ontario Lake

Mysterious magnetic stones found on the shores of Lake OntarioA photo from open sources

A resident of Canada told users of the World Wide Web about an amazing find that I made a couple of weeks ago. According to According to the man, he lives near Lake Ontario and often walking along its shore. In one of these recent exercises our the hero suddenly discovered three stones near the water, which immediately attracted him attention with its unusual symmetrical look and dark colors. Without thinking twice, the Canadian took them home.

Further, the man was expected by a very unexpected discovery. It turned out that each of the mysterious stones has its own magnetic field with north and south poles. Artifacts are attracted to each other and to iron, and in addition, significantly affect the compass needle. Lumps have significant weight, but are definitely not magnetic ore (the Canadians have some knowledge in this matter). Thus, the author of the find concluded that something fell into his hands going beyond the ordinary.

A photo from open sources

Our hero hypothesizes that we are talking about objects extraterrestrial origin. Perhaps these are pieces of some unusual in the composition of the meteorite, and maybe in front of us the wreckage of an alien ship.

Some regulars on the Web have advised Canadians to check do stones emit an eclectic current and do they emit any light in the infrared range. Perhaps artifacts have much more abnormal properties than it seems at first glance …

Ancient artifacts stones

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